Support plan

Creating a support plan is a useful way of exploring how you can help someone and make a note of the options for support. Fill in each section to create a support plan with the person you are concerned about. It is a good idea to keep this by the phone in case of emergency:

How do I want my friend or relative to support me?

This could include ‘come to appointments with me’ or ‘ask me if I’m okay’.

What can I do to help myself feel better?

This could include, ‘exercise like walking, swimming or yoga’, ‘expressing myself by writing down how I feel’, ‘writing down the positive people in my life’ or ‘phoning my friend’.

Who should be contacted in an emergency?

This could include names and contact numbers of helplines, support groups, family members, friends, and professionals.

Who can I speak to?

The caretaker can write down a list of people to talk to when in need of support, e.g. family, friends, or professionals. You can refer back to this in an emergency or whenever you need to.

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