Our Team

Dr Hannah Reidy, CEO

Hannah has been with Mind HK since 2016, and was on the team that officially launched the charity at the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference in November 2017. She worked with local Minds in the UK for 8 years as a Social Inclusion Worker, Scheme Leader, and latterly as a Trustee.

She is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist with degrees from Oxford University and University College London, and practices clinically in Hong Kong when not working at Mind HK. Hannah has a special interest in Early Psychosis, and lectures as an Honorary Assistant Professor on the HKU Masters in Psychosis course. Hannah first visited Hong Kong for a summer in 2008 and fell in love with the city, and is delighted that she is able to live and work here for the charity and the cause that she is so passionate about.

Po Wan Cheng, COO

Po Wan joined Mind HK in May 2018, after its official launch at the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference in November 2017. Prior to joining Mind HK, she was at MSCI for 8 years, where she had set up the APAC Corporate Services function as its regional head. She was Executive Director, responsible for the overall facility, office and administrative management across 10 APAC regional offices, and had completed over a dozen facility projects when she left in 2018.

She was Partner – Compliance and Operations at TTG (HK) Ltd (TTG), where she was also a qualified financial adviser, registered with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission for 5 years. She then transferred from TTG as one of the key personnel to set up an affiliated company, NAV Ltd, in the position of Associate Director, and was responsible for the overall operations of the company. Po Wan also held senior executive roles with other Hong Kong based financial institutions and Christie’s Hong Kong. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hull.

Po Wan is passionate about applying her 15-plus years of senior operational and administrative management background to Mind HK’s cause.

Cecilia Yiu, Coolminds Project Manager

Cecilia graduated with a Masters Degree in Social Work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from the University of Alberta in Canada. Prior to joining the Mind HK team, she worked as a primary school counselor at an international school. In the past 11 years since returning to Hong Kong she has felt and seen the impact the fast paced environment has on one’s mental health and a lack of access of information to find help. Having worked with different groups of young people in Hong Kong, she sees the importance of teaching the younger generation about their mental health and tools to help them maintain it. Being a part of the Coolminds team as a part of Mind HK, she hopes to help parents and educators with the young people in their lives.

Henry Chan, Mental Health Education and Information Officer

Henry learned about Mind HK during the Mental Health Conference 2017, and joined the Mind HK team as Mental Health Education and Information Officer, as he wishes to improve the mental health condition in Hong Kong through education and awareness works.

Henry obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Bath and worked as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist at a local hospital in the United Kingdom before coming back to his hometown. His previous work focused on conducting assessments and light intensity rehabilitations for individuals with various backgrounds. During work, he realised that there are huge differences in mental health attitudes and knowledge between the HK and UK community. The stigma has a significant impact on a person’s experience and recovery.

Therefore, Henry joined Mind HK aiming to improve the current situation and contribute through education and awareness work. He has become a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and has been delivering mental health training and workshops since then. He believes that reducing stigma and improving awareness are the first steps to improve support in Hong Kong, and he also wishes to collaborate and work with different like-minded parties to facilitate such change.

Carol Liang, Communications Manager

Carol has been at Mind HK since 2017. She leads communications strategy, campaigns, digital content, and media relations, with the goal of destigmatising mental health in Hong Kong and beyond. She organises the annual Mind HK Media Awards and previously sat on the organising committee of the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference in 2017.

Carol has previously supported public health development and communication programmes for the UN and a number of of health-focused NGOs and digital health start-ups in Boston, New York, and Geneva. She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Medical Humanities from Boston College and a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. She is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum and is passionate about everything public health, storytelling, and changing attitudes toward mental health.

Odile Thiang, Anti-stigma Coordinator

Odile has been involved with Mind HK since 2016, and was on the team that officially launched the charity at the 2017 Hong Kong Mental Health Conference. Odile is coordinating Mind’s anti-stigma projects, and is actively involved in developing and delivering various training offerings. She was previously involved in the planning of the 2017 Hong Kong Mental Health Conference, and is currently involved in the planning of the upcoming 2020 conference.

Odile is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in child and adolescent care. She championed quality improvement initiatives in mental health care, where she developed and implemented a mental health clinical guideline and worked with community agencies to improve collaboration to provide seamless care for such a vulnerable population, in Toronto, Canada. Odile completed her Bachelor of Nursing as well as her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Masters Nursing degree at the University of Toronto.

Odile is currently a Child & Adolescent Teaching Fellow at the HK Polytechnic University School of Nursing. She is also a Clinical Care Coordinator with the Child Development Team, supporting collaborative developmental and mental health care to children and adolescents. Her extensive experience has allowed her to cultivate a strong focus in paediatric care, with a unique exposure to child and adolescent mental health.

Dr. Hannah Sugarman, Clinical Advisor

Dr. Hannah Sugarman is a UK-trained Clinical Psychologist working in Hong Kong. Hannah works in clinical practice, providing talking therapy treatment for adults who are experiencing mental health problems. She has a special interest in the interaction between physical and mental health and is passionate about challenging the stigma around mental health. Hannah’s background is in neuropsychology and physical health settings, having worked previously in hospitals and community rehabilitation in the UK.

Hannah started volunteering with Mind HK when she first relocated to Hong Kong in 2017, arriving just in time for the Hong Kong Mental Health Conference and the launch of Mind HK. She was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the charity on projects and campaigns addressing mental health awareness and challenging stigma, providing input to Mind HK on a voluntary basis. In March 2019, Hannah officially became part of the Mind HK team, working part-time as a Clinical Advisor.

Teresa Chan, Clinical Advisor

Teresa is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist who has worked for over 8 years in the field of clinical mental health. She has a background in Psychology at both an undergraduate and master’s level and completed her training in the UK, where she specialised in the field of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Prior to moving to Hong Kong at the end of 2018, Teresa worked in various psychological therapy settings within the National Health Service (NHS) across London, Surrey and Hampshire in the UK.

Teresa currently works clinically in Hong Kong providing one-to-one talking therapy treatments for individuals experiencing mental health problems, and has a special interest in working with anxiety disorders. Teresa first heard about Mind HK shortly after she moved to Hong Kong, and was really impressed by the charity’s mission and commitment to facilitate access to mental health services. She was therefore delighted at the opportunity to be able to support and contribute to the team as a part-time clinical advisor after joining in Feb 2020.

Dr. Amelia Walter, Clinical Advisor

Dr. Amelia Walter is an Australian-trained Clinical Psychologist with over ten years’ clinical experience in child and adolescent mental health. Prior to moving to Hong Kong in early 2020, Amelia was the Clinical Lead of a multidisciplinary child and adolescent mental health service in Sydney, Australia. In addition to her clinical roles, Amelia has an extensive background in research. She has worked on several projects investigating the effectiveness of interventions for neurodevelopmental and mental health difficulties in infants, children and adolescents, and has authored several peer-reviewed publications.

Amelia is passionate about challenging the stigma around mental health difficulties and ensuring that everyone has access to mental health support when they need it. Amelia began volunteering for Mind HK when she moved to Hong Kong, and was thrilled to officially become part of the Mind HK team as a Clinical Advisor in May 2020.

Danielle Stutterd, Strategic Programme Manager

Danielle has over 16+ years of non-profit and leadership experience in Hong Kong. She is an experienced business development professional with a track record of managing non-profit organisations and creating and implementing successful corporate partnerships and volunteer programs .Passionate about building relationships with businesses and brands that promote shared values, including mental health, Danielle joined Mind HK in 2019 as their Strategic Programme Manager.

Janet Yung, Project Manager

Janet joined Mind HK in 2018, having first learned about the organisation via the 2017 Mental Health Conference. She works across various Mind HK projects as Project Manager, to support the need for greater awareness and access to support for mental health in Hong Kong. Her long-standing interest in mental health was initially sparked by a passion for physical health and sports, and the importance that both play in daily life and development.

Prior to joining Mind HK, Janet received her undergraduate degree in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, with a focus on developmental and urban economics, and has previously worked across the real estate investment and education fields. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and teaching, and believes it is never too late to learn something new.

Charlotte Chan, Coolminds Website Project Coordinator

Charlotte is the Coolminds Website Project Coordinator at Mind HK. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, and currently studies Dentistry at HKU. Through her experiences as a student and young adult, she has seen firsthand the impact mental illness and stigma can have on the lives of adolescents. Together with the Coolminds team, Charlotte has been working on creating an online platform for students to access, create and share mental health resources and stories. She is also involved in the planning of the Youth Summit as part of the 2020 Hong Kong Mental Health Conference. Through education and empowerment, she hopes to promote healthy conversations and shift the way mental health is viewed, understood, and discussed by youth and those around them.

Dorcas Wong, Events Administrator

Dorcas has been interested in psychology since she was young; she quickly noticed that understanding others and herself can bring great improvements to her
personal growth. From early on, she was determined to pursue psychology. She graduated from the Education University of Hong Kong with the Bachelor Degree of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology (Major in Health Psychology) in 2019.

During University, she was inspired by her internship experience at a local mental health non-profit organization. From meeting people with mental health problems and organising an anti-stigma programme, she began to understand the difficulties that they face, and thus became more passionate to work in the field of mental health. She is glad to be part of the Mind HK team and is excited to help raise awareness of mental health in Hong Kong.

Ophelia Tam, Digital Content Officer

Ophelia has been passionate about psychology since a young age, knowing that the human mind and behaviour plays an important part in her personal growth and overcoming difficult moments in life.

She just graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in psychology. As she gained insight on mental health issues in Hong Kong through her studies, she realised that there is an increasing need for mental health services in Hong Kong, yet public awareness of mental health is insufficient, and the importance of maintaining mental wellbeing is underestimated. She believes raising public awareness of mental health is the ultimate first step to improving mental health in Hong Kong. She is excited to be a part of the Mind HK team and use digital content to create a safe and supportive environment in Hong Kong to encourage everyone to speak openly about mental health and seek help when needed. 

Esther Lam, Coolminds Project Coordinator

After completing studies in Psychology in Australia, Esther has been working in research in the field of Child and Family Science and has assisted in coordinating research projects looking into intergenerational relationships in Hong Kong. She enjoyed research and looking into family relationships but seeing the urge to raise mental health awareness among youth has brought her to Mind HK. She is excited to be working with Coolminds in hopes to build a safer and healthier environment for local youth to speak and share openly about mental health.