Our Team

Dr. Candice Powell, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Candice Powell joined Mind HK as Chief Executive Officer in September 2022. She is trained as a clinical psychologist at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining Mind HK, she worked at New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, one of Hong Kong’s largest community mental health NGOs, for 13 years. She is an honorary lecturer at The University of Hong Kong and a fellow of The Hong Kong Psychological Society, vice-chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology of HKPS, and a training officer of the Association of Contextual and Behavioural Science (Hong Kong Chapter). She is an awardee of Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection 2022.

Candice is diversely trained in evidence-based psychological intervention. Apart from being a practitioner, she is also a rigorous researcher and widely published in academic journals and presented her study findings at local and international conferences. She has developed innovative intervention programmes for improving people’s mental health and well-being. She introduced Mindful Parenting, digitised Unified Protocol for emotional disorders, and established a stepped-care psychological service in Hong Kong. She hopes everyone with emotional distress can easily access quality psychological services.

Carol Liang, Deputy CEO

Carol has been at Mind HK since 2017, where she has led the organisation’s communications strategy, campaigns, digital content, and external relations, prior to stepping into the role of Deputy CEO in January 2022.
Carol previously supported public health development and communication programmes for the United Nation and a number of health-focused NGOs and digital health start-ups in Boston, New York, and Geneva. She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Medical Humanities, a Master of Public Health, and a Master of Counselling. Outside of Mind HK, she is a mental health counsellor for adolescents and young adults, a member of the Laureus Model City Hong Kong Steering Committee, a mentor for Resolve’s 2022-2023 Fellowship, and a member of the Global Shapers Hong Kong hub. She is passionate about everything public health, storytelling, and changing attitudes toward mental health.

Min Huang, Chief Operations Officer

Min joined Mind HK in January 2022. She holds a MBA degree, and over 14 years professional experience including extensive work within the operations field.

She started to work in the HK charity sector from 2020, and is proud to be able to apply her experience and knowledge on helping start up to build a solid foundation for further development.

Charlotte Tottenham, Acting CDO

Charlotte joined Mind HK as Acting Chief Development Officer in September 2023.

At Mind HK she looks after all things related to development, fostering strong partnerships with all stakeholders interested in the mental health conversation. Charlotte brings international experience in journalism, social enterprise, and the nonprofit sector, in a variety of roles including communications, fundraising, marketing and volunteer management.

As an English Literature graduate, she has a strong belief that real life stories and lived experience leadership are the most effective way to create change. She is a former Fellow of Year Here, a pioneering UK based social innovation and leadership programme.

She would love to hear from you: [email protected]

YK Cham, Communications and Events Manager (Youth Programme)

Cham joined Mind HK in April 2024. With 9 years of experience in the Media and Communications field, she firmly believes in the transformative power of effective communication to cultivate a more diverse society. Through this interconnectedness, she envisions the promotion of connection, understanding, and empathy. Driven by her passion, she aims to utilise her skills to promote mental health in Hong Kong, while also challenging the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

Ella Chan, Training Coordinator

Passionate about transforming society through quality mental health education and services, Ella brings her unique journey into her role as Training Coordinator at Mind HK in 2023. Her mission began in technology corporations and evolved in the Higher Education and NGO sectors, where she developed business and education insights. She then joined mental health organisations, conducting research and writing articles to promote mental health destigmatisation. Alongside her professional growth, her academic background with a degree in Bioengineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has offered a unique lens in her advocacy work. Today, she uses her experience to develop and facilitate mental health training programs across a myriad of sectors. Dedicated to her personal mission, she continues to foster mental health destigmatisation, improve social awareness, and cultivate meaningful connections every day.

Henry Chan, Training and Partnership Manager

Henry learned about Mind HK during the Mental Health Conference 2017, and joined the Mind HK team, as he wishes to improve the mental health condition in Hong Kong through education and awareness works.

Henry obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Bath and worked as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist at a local hospital in the United Kingdom before coming back to his hometown. His previous work focused on conducting assessments and light intensity rehabilitations for individuals with various backgrounds. During work, he realised that there are huge differences in mental health attitudes and knowledge between the HK and UK community. The stigma has a significant impact on a person’s experience and recovery.

Therefore, Henry joined Mind HK aiming to improve the current situation and contribute through education and awareness work. He is a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and delivers mental health training and workshops.. He believes that reducing stigma and improving awareness are the first steps to improve support in Hong Kong, and he also wishes to collaborate and work with different like-minded parties to facilitate such change.

Janita Chan, Youth Engagement Officer

Janita graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology and Sociology in Hong Kong. She has dedicated to pursue a meaningful career since her university era.
Prior to joining Mind HK in 2024, she was an intern in SPCA and afterwards, she engaged in the social welfare sector as an event executive in coordinating various fund-raising events for the underprivileged.
As a youth per se, Janita considers mental health problems as daily issues. She aspires to connect the community and raise their awareness towards well-being topics. Meanwhile, strive together with Mind HK.

Kelvin Chan, Youth Engagement Officer

Kelvin joined Mind HK in April 2024 and currently serves as the Youth Engagement Officer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in counselling and psychology and has more than four years experiences of working with youths and children. Kelvin’s educational background and working experiences have fostered his aspiration and skills to work with the next generation.

As a worker passionate about working with youths, Kelvin considers youth’ empowerment as his first priority. He is firmly dedicated to promoting a more equitable and mental health-friendly society for the next generation.

Dr Melissa Chan, Clinical Advisor

Dr. Melissa Chan is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist, who has worked in the field of mental health taking up clinical and research roles in the community and academic settings for ten years. Melissa considers herself as a research practitioner as she participated in lots of innovative research projects in HKU prior to her role as a clinician. She is also experienced in treating people with symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, using primarily cognitive behavioural approaches such as CBT, ACT, Compassion Focused Therapy. She also draws emotion focused techniques from EFT and schema therapy.
Melissa joined Mind HK as a Clinical Advisor in April 2024, as she is passionate in promoting mental health awareness and doing preventive work in Hong Kong. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Melissa understands the immense stress people experience studying and working in HK. She is a strong believer in the need for more self-care and self-compassion for each individual, and she hopes to join like minded individuals in Mind HK to promote a more compassionate culture in our society.

Michelle Cheng, Acting Head of Programme - Youth Programme

Michelle joined Mind HK in April 2022. She attained a degree in Media Arts and an advanced certificate in Psychology in Hong Kong, with a special interest in community arts, psychotherapy and mindfulness. Prior to joining Mind HK, Michelle worked for various corporates and NGOs, and she brings over 8 years of experience in delivering local and overseas project management, development and fundraising campaigns.
Michelle previously worked for a local NGO as a Programme Manager to design and deliver a wide range of social inclusion programmes with people with different disabilities. Outside of Hong Kong, she also provided volunteer services in Germany, Cambodia and Thailand. She is committed to giving back to society, and excited to support Mind HK for mental health development in Hong Kong.

Jacky Chow, iACT Research & Project Coordinator

Jacky began his journey with Mind HK as a Youth Wellbeing Practitioner (YWP) to provide low-intensity Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for university students struggling with mild to moderate mental distress. His interest in the development of “Improving Access to Community Therapies” (iACT) project led him to officially join the team in June 2023, contributing to iACT by facilitating the research process and providing a unique perspective as an ex-practitioner.

With a BSc Psychology from the UK and a professional diploma in general counselling from Hong Kong, Jacky is currently pursuing a Master’s in Psychological Medicine (psychosis studies) at The Hong Kong University. He is also practising 1:1 progressive Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy to aid the learning of children on the autism spectrum. Additionally, Jacky is an active volunteer of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association, leading monthly activities during hospital visits to support in-patients recovering from substance misuse.

Yan Chow, iACT Project Assistant

Yan joined Mind HK as a Project Assistant in November 2023. She has been working in the front line as an iACT Practitioner (Youth) and is devoted to bringing her experiences of localising mental health care to the development and success of the iACT programme.

Michelle Chung (Winglam), Communications and Events Coordinator - Youth Programme

Michelle joined Mind HK in April 2022. After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor degree in Psychology, she aspired to contribute to the mental health field in Hong Kong as a team member of the Youth Wellbeing Practitioner and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner Programme.

During her previous work and internship experiences in local NGOs, she has coordinated mental health promotion programmes and peer support groups for local secondary students under the supervision of counselling and educational psychologists. Remarking the impact of mental health promotions and services on younger people, she is passionate to connect schools, professionals and students through the YWP programme and enhance mental health support resources as a member of Mind HK.

Rona Chung, Youth Engagement Officer

Rona joined Mind HK in May 2024 and currently serves as the Youth Engagement Officer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a professional certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from Hong Kong. Rona’s educational background has deepened her interest in utilising the arts for health, wellness, and growth.

Prior to joining Mind HK, Rona gained valuable experience working with children and youth. She designed and carried out activities in schools and actively participated in a youth volunteering programme. These experiences have sharpened her ability to create engaging and inclusive activities. Rona is eager to leverage her skills to foster youth engagement and support mental health initiatives among youth.

Dr Jeffy Ho, iACT Lead Clinical Advisor

Dr. Jeffy C. Y. Ho, a seasoned clinical psychologist (HCPC & HKPC Reg), serves as the Clinical Advisor for the Improving Access to Community Therapies (iACT) Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner(PWP) programme at Mind HK since May 2023. His career began in Hong Kong as a counsellor before expanding his knowledge at the esteemed Anna Freud Centre earning MSc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology, followed by His Doctor in Clinical Psychology at University College London (UCL). Deepening his professional expertise, he underwent psychoanalysis at the renowned Institute of Psychoanalysis, London.

Jeffy’s primary focus lies in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and child development, integrating third wave CBT therapies such as ACT, and Systemic & Existential thinking into his practice. Despite mainly working with adults, his deep understanding of child development and mental health makes him a strong advocate for early intervention and a stepped care model.

Working trans-diagnostically, Jeffy specialises in addressing relational issues and complex psychological difficulties. His broad clinical experience encompasses institutions like the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) program, Tavistock and Portman Clinic, Royal London Hospital Renal Department, Community Mental Health Team, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, reflecting his diverse clinical and research backgrounds.

Offering services in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, Jeffy provides culturally sensitive care to his diverse clientele. His comprehensive offerings range from individual therapy to family interventions and collaborative healthcare, underscoring his dedication to holistic patient care. In essence, Jeffy is committed to applying psychological theories and practices to improve his clients’ lives and foster emotional health and personal growth.

Hannah Hwa, Youth Engagement Officer

Passionate about mental health, Hannah joined Mind HK in May 2024 and serves as one of our Youth Engagement Officers. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Hannah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She then moved to London, where she completed her Master’s in Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences at King’s College London. During her time at King’s, she developed a keen interest in sensory differences among clinical populations and conducted her thesis on tactile sensitivities in autistic individuals across the lifespan.
Hannah’s experiences abroad have given her a unique perspective on mental health and a passion for helping those in need, as well as combating the stigma associated with seeking help. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she worked as a psychometrician at a children’s therapy clinic, collaborating with clinical psychologists and multidisciplinary teams. In this role, she honed her skills in administering and writing diagnostic assessments for children with various mental health conditions, including autism, ADHD, and learning disorders.
Her experience at the clinic underscored the urgent need for mental health advocacy and awareness in Hong Kong schools, inspiring her to pursue a career with Mind HK. Hannah is dedicated to supporting those in need and normalising conversations about mental health in Hong Kong.

Melissa Kong, Head of Campaigns and Partnerships

Melissa joined Mind HK in November 2020 leading the development, partnerships and fundraising strategy working closely with a variety of stakeholders, and now heads up Mind HK’s key campaigns and partnerships.
Born and raised in Scotland, Melissa brings over 12 years’ experience managing international creative projects in the public, private and NGO sector in Hong Kong. Having seen first hand the impact of mental health personally and professionally; Melissa is committed to destigmatising and raising awareness of mental health issues especially in the workplace as well as in the wider community. She is also currently an External Advisory Board Member for the British Council’s SPARK Festival of Creativity.
Melissa is a great believer in the benefits of physical exercise for mental wellbeing. Outside of work, she enjoys being in nature, exploring Hong Kong’s trails and is also a passionate salsa dancer.

Clara Kwok, Acting Head of Communications

Before joining the team in 2024, Clara has worked at various marketing agencies for 10 years, with a solid foundation in event and project management, client servicing and publicity, with a mixed clientele from the public to private sectors. In particular, she worked with the government on the mental health public education and promotion initiative, Shall We Talk, which further consolidated her dedication in improving mental health in the city and reducing stigma towards help-seeking and mental illnesses . She hopes to reach people who are not aware of mental health to begin the self-awareness journey with the collective efforts from Mind Hong Kong.

She is a firm believer in “deal with your mood before dealing with things” and mental health should be the priority in oneself, a family, a workplace and in a community. Say hi to Clara via [email protected] .

Eva Kwok, Executive Officer - Youth Programme

Eva joined Mind HK in 2022 and serves as the Digital Project Manager. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Mind HK, she worked in various corporations and quasi-government organisations across different industries. She has over 10 years of experience in digital project management specialising in websites, eShop and mobile app development. Eva firmly believes user experience is one of the important factors leading to the success of a digital application. She plans and designs the application enhancements from user perspective, aiming at creating intuitive user experience and seamless user flow. She is excited to apply her knowledge and experience in assisting NGOs to improve internal and external digital applications.

Ady Lai, Fundraising and Campaigns Assistant Manager

Ady starts her journey in Mind HK in Dec 2023. She is a journalism graduate and believes storytelling is the key to drive changes. As a Hongkonger, she understands how difficult the people here are living their lives and really wants to give back to her hometown. She is excited to bring her experience and knowledge in journalism, NGO communication and fundraising to Mind HK and help foster general awareness of mental health issues here in this city.

She is a bookworm and loves writing – as words do heal!

Katie Lam, Communications and Events Coordinator - Youth Programme

Katie joined MindHK in June 2024. She attained a degree in Media and Communication in Hong Kong, with an interest in speaking out community stories through videos.
Prior to joining MindHK, Katie coordinated various innovative youth programs targeted at secondary school students. Through this experience, she observed a growing and concerning trend – students today are facing significant mental health challenges. Hence, she would like to combine her skills in media, as well as her experience in youth development, to promote youth mental health and wellness in Hong Kong.

Kitty Lam, iACT Programme Assistant

Kitty joined Mind HK in June 2023 after graduating from the University of Hong Kong. With a bachelor degree of politics and public administration, she understands the detrimental impact of stigmatisation towards one’s mental health. Therefore, she has joined Mind HK for contributing in this field and reaching out to people in need.

With her past internship experiences, she is capable of illustrating new ideas and coordinating among various stakeholders. She is always passionate in organising community programmes so as to raise public awareness in social issues.

Other than being a team member in Mind HK, Kitty is also an enthusiastic nature explorer, and she believes that it heals one’s mental health.

Agnes Lau, Project Assistant (Research)

Agnes joined Mind HK in November 2022. She currently assists in the research projects running alongside the PWP pilot programme as well as the implementation of the PWP and YWP programmes. She is now also pursuing a Master of Arts in Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Prior to her engagement in the field of mental health, Agnes had been working as a solicitor in Hong Kong, advising on employment law. Her experiences in handling legal cases, in particular those concerning clients who had been victims of various types of discrimination and harassment in their workplace, have made her realise how vulnerable individuals’ mental wellbeing could be. She hopes that, despite the potentially high level of stress that may come with living in a fast paced society like Hong Kong, everyone can manage to find their unique solutions to their mental health issues and live their lives to the fullest.

Joby Lau, iACT Practitioner (Adult)

Joby was trained by Mind HK as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner providing low intensity interventions for adults using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). During this period, she witnesses transformation from her service users or they have gained more understanding of their mental health, and take courage to seek help and live their value of life. She is deeply moved by the power of the Improving Access to Community Therapies” (iACT) and ACT. She officially joined Mind HK in April 2024 as an iACT Practitioner and has a vision and mission to let more people in the community care for their mental health.

Joby has gained many insights and cultivated self compassion through mindfulness practice in the last few years. She is a mindfulness facilitator dedicated to accompany people from all walks of life to understand themselves, cultivate joy in life, create and maintain harmonious relationships.

Nicole Lee, Training and Operations Manager

Nicole is a registered social worker in Hong Kong with a Master’s degree in Social Work at HKU. Having experienced first-hand how mental health problems have impacted both patients and carers, she is driven to dedicate herself in the field aiming to combat stigma and raise awareness of mental health in the local community.

Nicole joined Mind HK in late 2020 where she has led youth mental health programmes and is now managing diverse training programmes and operations for the Training Team. She is also a trainer herself with certified Mental Health First Aid instructor (both Standard and Youth version) qualifications. Prior to joining Mind HK, she has experience working with vulnerable families and children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and mental health challenges.

Kelvin Leung, Youth Engagement Officer

Kelvin had his Bachelor’s degree of Psychology at the City University of Hong Kong. Before joining Mind HK in May 2024, he has worked in different NGOs whose service users are undergoing various mental health needs, like primary school children with autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as community users like persons-in-recovery, and persons with intellectual disabilities.

Kelvin is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness to the community. He has actively participated in a wide range of community activities, and has even organised some public events suiting this aim. He believes that ALL OF US can co-create a society without any mental health stigma through understanding more about the everyday mental well-being of OURSELVES, the process of which YOU absolutely play a big part.

Opal Li, iACT Clinical Advisor

Opal joined Mind HK as a Clinical Advisor in September 2023. She is a locally trained counselling psychologist who has rich experience and insight in the challenges that young adults in Hong Kong face nowadays, for example, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, traumas, helplessness and hopelessness, interpersonal issues and personal growth.
She mainly uses ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), in combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), SFBT (Solution-focused Brief Therapy) in a client centered approach, to facilitate emotionally challenged individuals to regain psychological flexibility and resilience, at the same time clarify their values to can make meaningful changes in life to change one’s own conditions. In addition, she also had solid experience in supporting parents to process and gain clarity in parenting related stress, identify ineffective parenting styles and make adjustments accordingly, in order to support children’s healthy development.
In addition, Opal is also a qualified mindfulness facilitator in curriculums including Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Paws B and .b programs.

Hailey Man, iACT Wellbeing Practitioner (Adult)

Hailey participated in Mind HK’s iACT Psychology Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) Programme in May 2023, embarking on a journey to bringing psychotherapy and psychoeducation closer to the public. Upon completion of her training in April 2024, she officially joined the team as a Wellbeing Practitioner to continue practising Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to serve the community with low-cost and low-intensity intervention.
Prior to joining the team, she worked in journalism and marketing. Motivated by her fond interest in Psychology and mental health, she became a trained volunteer at an ICCMW in 2022, providing services to persons in mental recovery and their family members.
In her leisure time, she enjoys playing tennis, and she believes that keeping a sports hobby helps with stress relief and resilience-building.

Samantha Man, Acting Youth Engagement Manager

With her interest in people development, Samantha began her career in the field of Education and Psychology. Before joining Mind HK, Samantha worked for corporations and the public sector to manage educational and research programmes, serving children, youth and teachers. She is passionate about designing and delivering experiential programmes.

Samantha further pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology with an interest in mental health, inclusion and diversity. She celebrates individuality and wishes everyone can live the life they envision. By joining the Youth Engagement Team in Mind HK, she is committed to serving the youth in Hong Kong and building the school environment with mental health awareness.

Rose Siu, Wellbeing Planner

Rose joined Mind HK in July 2023. She graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
Rose, a trained Wellbeing Planner through the JC PROcruit C program, promotes individuals wellbeing awareness. With valuable experience from OpenUp, she understands the power of words and the importance of adjusting our verbal expression in fostering positive conversations. Through her journey, She consistently reflects on the genuine needs of service users and identified that many individuals were unaware of available services and afraid of seeking help owing to social stigma. She deeply appreciates the contribution of Mind HK’s community directory and Antistigma Campaign, which provide users with direction and encouragement for seeking help. Therefore, Rose is dedicated to positive changes and Mind HK’s vision in the communications team.

Chung Ping Sit, iACT Wellbeing Practitioner (Youth)

Chung Ping has experienced the power of counselling and psychotherapy and developed an interest in it since being diagnosed depression in secondary school. While he adopts Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in the position of iACT Wellbeing Practitioner, he is also greatly inspired by attachment theory and Satir Model. He hopes to facilitate the self-understanding, growth and changes of people he meets.
Believing in “inspirations through dialogues”, Chung Ping develops his career in mental health, cultural education, historical tours, mediation and interview research. His living experience in Hong Kong and Japan, and multi-disciplinary study and work experience nurtured a unique worldview and an inclusive attitude accepting diversity of people and cultures. Currently he is a master student of social work in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Natasha Sit, iACT Project Coordinator

Natasha joined Mind HK in April 2024. Prior to joining Mind HK, she worked as a Behavioral therapist with Autistic children, and volunteered in local private sectors to work with SEN families. With her front-line experience and gained personal insight about mental health from personal experience. She wishes to help more people in her communities to feel seen, and hopes no one has to face a mental health problem alone in Hong Kong.

Odile Thiang, Lead Clinical Advisor (Training and Anti-stigma)

Odile has been involved with Mind HK since 2016, and was on the team that officially launched the charity at the 2017 Hong Kong Mental Health Conference. Odile is the lead clinical advisor for the Anti-Stigma Project, and a trainer. She was involved in the planning of the 2017 and 2020 Hong Kong Mental Health Conferences.
Odile is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience in child and adolescent care. Her commitment to serving marginalised communities lead her to work on the improvement of mental health care, and working with survivours of sexual assualt and domenstic violence as well as vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth. In Hong Kong she has focused her efforts on mental health and nursing education. Odile is currently also a Child & Adolescent Teaching Fellow at the HK Polytechnic University School of Nursing, as well as an Honorary Nurse Consultant at the Hong Kong’s Children’s Hospital. Her extensive experience has allowed her to cultivate a strong focus in paediatric care, with a unique exposure to child and adolescent mental health.

Vicki Tsang, Assistant Manager - Anti-stigma Project


Vicki graduated with a Masters in Social Work with a strong background and passion in mental health and psychology stemming from her Bachelors in Psychology.

With over five years of experience in mental health initiatives and supporting people with their mental health in both Vancouver and Edinburgh, Vicki hopes to bring her experience to Mind HK and help destigmatize mental health in Hong Kong. She hopes to normalize the conversation around mental health and the need for mental health support in the bustling city of Hong Kong where the conversation surrounding mental health can be a taboo topic. Prior to joining Mind HK, Vicki worked to support UNHCR and refugees as they are another one of Hong Kong’s most stigmatized population groups.

Vicki is an outdoor enthusiast and an advocate for spending quality time in nature. In her personal time, she is a keen marathoner, occasionally ultramarathoner, hiker and an avid climber.

Grace Tse, Coordinator - Anti-stigma Project

Grace joined Mind HK in October 2022. She graduated from City University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in creative media and a master’s degree in psychology.
Grace has gained personal insight about mental health from personal experience and observation, and wishes to help others feel seen. Growing up in Hong Kong, she is keen to make society a more friendly and open-minded place. Grace believes in expression through writing, stories and the arts, which explore different domains of realistic mental health and human experience.

Mia Tse, Acting Office Manager

Mia brings her versatile expertise to the role of Acting Office Manager at Mind HK, having joined the team in 2024. With four years of comprehensive experience spanning HR, administration, and office operations, Mia is poised to enhance the organisation’s efficiency and daily functioning. She is committed to contributing to the mental health landscape in Hong Kong, leveraging her skills to support Mind HK’s mission and amplify its impact within the community. Eager to grow alongside the organisation, Mia looks forward to playing a vital role in fostering positive change and well-being for all.

Dr Pinky Tso, Advisor

Pinky joined Mind HK as a volunteer in 2019 and moved from volunteer to Content Advisor and Advisor in 2021 and 2023 respectively. As someone born and raised in Hong Kong, Pinky understands why so many people in Hong Kong have high stress. Long term stress puts our health, both physical and mental, at risk. It is essential that we know how to take good care of our mind and body. She is passionate about helping people to improve their life quality and happiness with her experience as a business executive and a health educator, especially those who are draining with mental health challenges.
Pinky is grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the Mind HK team. She is a qualified mental health first aid instructor and has provided online and in person training on various issues relating to mental health to schools, corporations and the public. She is also a part-time lecturer teaching master’s degree courses relating to sport and health at Hong Kong Baptist University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Pinky got a PhD (Department of Sports, Physical Education and Health, Hong Kong Baptist University), MPsyMed (Psychosis Studies) (Department of Psychiatry, The University of Hong Kong), MSc (Exercise Science) (Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), MBA (Brunel University, UK) and BA (Political Science) (University of South Florida, US).

Kris Uy, Youth Engagement Officer

Kris joined Mind HK in May 2024 and possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Hong Kong. She discovered a profound passion for human service in her final year internship, inspired by the vibrant stories and experiences shared by others. This sparked her desire to work in the social service sector to build connections with individuals in need. With the experience of witnessing others’ emotional struggles, she understood the importance of mental health support. She believes the problem is the problem and the person is not the problem. Everyone has their strengths and potential. She is eager to contribute to mental health development in Hong Kong.

Cherry Wan, Wellbeing Planner

Cherry joined Mind HK in July 2023. Born and raised in Hong Kong, and completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology in Taiwan and later interned at different nonprofit organisations. She hopes everyone can feel safe to speak out about mental health issues and embrace each other’s feelings.

Cherry is also a trained Wellbeing Planner through the JC PROcruit C program, responsible for providing group and one-to-one services to improve the mental health of participants.

Chloe Wong, HR and Admin Officer

Chloe joined Mind HK in April 2021 in the capacity of HR and Admin Officer. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and previously worked in a moving logistics company and over 10 years’ experience in HR administration and office administration.

Daphne Wong, Project Assistant - Youth Programme

Daphne joined Mind HK in May 2024. Having spent more than 8 years in the UK, Daphne is interested in meeting people of different backgrounds and is very passionate about helping those in need. She became interested in psychology during her teenage years and chose to study Psychology in university, and gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Development and Disorders in 2023. Daphne has experience with numerous NGOs as a volunteer in both frontline and administrative roles, and she is excited to use her experience and expertise to help improve mental health in Hong Kong.

Dr Esther Wong, iACT Clinical Advisor

Dr Esther Wong is a Clinical Psychologist who works in private clinical practice, providing psychotherapy to teenagers and adults who are experiencing mental health problems. She has a special interest in working with individuals who struggle with maintaining healthy relationships with others, and helping them build healthier attachments and relationships to themselves and to others. Prior to private clinical practice, Esther worked as a School Psychologist where she gained much experience in breaking stigma towards Mental health and normalizing seeking help.

Esther started at Mind HK In June 2021 where she is working on the YWP project as a clinical advisor. Esther strongly believes that mental health support, just like physical health support, should be accessible to everyone. She is also passionate about promoting mental health support as a preventive strategy, rather than solely from an intervention or a crisis approach.

Esther is very proud to be part of such a wonderful charity that shares the same vision and goals as her own!

Florence Wong, Finance Manager

Florence joined Mind HK in Dec 2021 as the Finance Manager. She worked as an Accountant in a multi-national moving company over 20 years before joining Mind HK. She hopes to use her knowledge and experience to let Mind HK’s accounting policy become more perfect and systematic.

Lulu Wong, Youth Engagement Officer

Lulu joined the Mind HK team in April 2024 as Youth Engagement Officer with background in education and NGOs. She served in local schools and handled projects in NGO focused on supporting underprivileged children and families has provided her with invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by young individuals in our society.
Driven by the current social environment and her passion for youth empowerment, Lulu is committed to engaging with young individuals, caring about their mental well being and empowering them to proactively advocate for their rights. She is firmly dedicated to serving the youth and our next generation, with the ultimate goal of creating a more equitable and nurturing society for them.

Matthew Wong, Acting Head of Training

Matthew has been with Mind HK since September 2021. Growing up in Australia, his passion and interest has always been within the realms of mental health and disability. From attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science as well as Masters in Autism Studies to working in various NGOs, he has always dedicated his time and effort to supporting individuals with varying capabilities.

Matthew has officially moved back to Hong Kong over three years ago and has since completed an International and Public NGO Management course. Noticing the difference in mental health attitudes and available support of both places, Matthew is now committed to raising awareness of mental health issues in Hong Kong as well as advocating for equal opportunities.

Rachel Wong, iACT Assistant Programme Manager

Rachel joined Mind HK in March 2021 and serves as the Youth Wellbeing Practitioner Programme Service Coordinator, where she assists with stakeholder engagement, budgeting and overall project management. Rachel brings over four years of experience managing international and local projects in both the private and public sector in Hong Kong, with her previous job as an Assistant Program Manager at a local NGO. Having seen the impact that untreated mental health issues can have on friends and family, Rachel is committed to raising awareness of mental health issues and creating more conversation to help destigmatize mental health issues.

Stephanie Yuen, Youth Engagement Officer

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Public Administration, minoring in Counselling, in the University of Hong Kong. Recognising herself as a people-person with a dedication to serving those in need, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work (part-time) at the same institution.

Prior to joining Mind HK in mid-2024, Stephanie had a strong background working in school settings and non-profit organisations, engaging with both children and youth. Having witnessed the vulnerability of teenagers grappling with mental health challenges in the often stressful environments they face, she is committed to supporting Mind HK’s efforts towards mental health development within the local school community.

Yana Ng, iACT Practitioner (Adult)

Yana is a part-time well-being practitioner at Mind HK. In 2023, she developed an interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and went on to complete the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner training the following year.

Yana brings nearly a decade of experience as an Art Therapist, having worked with children, adolescents with emotional issues and special educational needs, as well as their families, in various settings. This extensive background in art therapy informs her holistic approach to provide quality psychological service to people with emotional distress through Mind HK.