Open Up, Level Up

As Hong Kong opens back up, everyone in Hong Kong needs to open up as well. With more than 20% of people experiencing a mental health problem, we must start the conversation now. To kick-start it, we are running a social media campaign for everyone in Hong Kong to share on the importance of mental health.

We hope to normalise and de-stigmatise the conversation surrounding mental health. By encouraging Hong Kong people to share in their vulnerability and connect to build community, we hope they will recognise the value of their mental health at a personal and city-wide scale, and know the resources available to them. Let’s open up and level up together.

Here’s how:

  1. Post a empowering photo/video of yourself on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  2.  In the caption share based on the below text:

I’m posting to support @mindhongkong’s campaign to #openuplevelup.  

As Hong Kong opens back up to the world,  we need to open up about mental health and how to take care of it.

  • Share why taking care of your mental health is important (e.g. exercising lets you be more productive at work and present with others)

Today I’m pledging to put mental health first. 

Use the hashtags: #openbetterhk #stronger #openuplevelup

*Please remember to tag us, use the right hashtags, and tag friends in your post / comment to encourage them to take part! 


  • Over the age of 18
  • Hong Kong resident

Guidelines on posting:

Please read through this link for full guidance on posting language and content (English and Chinese available). 

Mental health can be a sensitive topic for many, so we must be conscientious when addressing it. Our DOs and DON’Ts guidance will help you better understand the appropriate way to talk about mental health (to avoid further stigmatisation, discrimination, and privacy concerns), and help you to best focus the conversation surrounding mental health.

Tag us:
Instagram: @mindhongkong
Facebook: @hongkongmind
LinkedIn: @Mind HK 香港心聆
Twitter: @mindhongkong

Prizes (now closed):

Campaign period (for gift eligibility): November 15, 2022 to November 18, 2022 [NOW CLOSED]
*We encourage everyone to continue sharing this campaign after November 18! However, eligibility for gifts will only be for participants who share between Nov 15- 18 and fill out the below form. 


1. Sign up here and complete the #openuplevelup actions above to enter the campaign and win a prize.

  • All campaign participants will receive a HKD 100 coupon from DETERMINANT and a chance to win another reward, which include Art Basel VIP tickets, 1 month or 1 week membership passes from Hybrid gym, tickets to the November 26 Trey Lee concert, a mindfulness session with Dr. Candice Powell (Mind HK’s CEO), PYE gift coupons, a photography session with Jada Poon, a hike with Robyn Lamsam, a private tour at Asia Art Archive, a Yankov Wong Photo Session, a YYY House of Cakes Coupon, and more.
  • *To be eligible for prizes, you are required to sign up for the campaign and post (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) with the relevant hashtags and tag Mind Hong Kong between November 15-18, 2022.  An email will be sent to you from the Mind HK team with your prize / prizes by November 24th.



Should you have any questions, please email [email protected].