We are Mind HK


We are here to ensure no one in Hong Kong has to face a mental

health problem alone.



About Mind HK

Mind HK is a mental health charity here to ensure no one has to face a mental health problem alone in Hong Kong. Through our work, we hope to educate around mental health and remove the associated stigma, with the aim of achieving the best mental health for all in Hong Kong. With existing collaboration and research efforts, we are here to support Hong Kong in becoming a global leader and regional model for public mental health.

Our Mission

  1. Change: To educate around mental health and remove the associated stigma.
  2. Act: To collaborate, innovate, create and research to ensure the best mental health for all in Hong Kong.
  3. Guide: To make Hong Kong a global leader and regional model for public mental health.

Our Values

  1. Integrity: Everything that we do will be based on evidence and informed by those with lived experience. Our processes will be transparent.
  2. Compassion: We will act with kindness, care and empathy for all of those that we interact with.
  3. Inclusivity: Our approach will seek to help as many people across Hong Kong as we can.
  4. Commitment: We will work to achieve the best mental health outcomes with drive and dedication.

Online Resources

We have 1000+ pages of open resources on mental health, in English and Traditional Chinese, available on our website. Visit our Mental Health A-Z here.

Outreach Campaigns and Programmes

We hold campaigns, events and conferences to raise mental health awareness and support the mental health of communities. Visit our upcoming events here.


We offer 9+ types of public and private training sessions to help improve mental health literacy. This includes MHFA, an internationally certified course. Learn more about our training offerings here.

More Than a Label - Antistigma Campaign

“More Than a Label” is Mind HK’s new campaign, in partnership with MINDSET Hong Kong, which stems from its goal of changing and influencing the public’s perception towards persons with diagnosable mental health conditions. Through personal stories of mental health journeys, we want to showcase realistic portrayals of people who have faced mental health problems and recovered and depict their holistic identity. Learn more about the Antistigma Campaign here.


Coolminds is a joint youth mental health initiative together with KELY Support Group that provides youth mental health resources and workshops for students, parents and educators. Learn more about Coolminds here.

Our Strategy and Annual Reports

Read our annual reports for highlights, impact and our financial status here.

Read our strategy for 2022-2024 for our mission, vision and aims for the next three years here.

Position Statement

Anyone in Hong Kong who needs help with their mental health can be assured that they are entitled to the full support of Mind HK irrespective of their gender, race, background or beliefs. To be effective and credible, Mind HK operates as a neutral and impartial humanitarian charity without any political affiliations or other conflicts of interest. The work we do, especially our research, is dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable groups and maintaining the best mental health possible for all of Hong Kong. We hope that anyone reporting or commenting on our work will respect and support our independence and neutrality.