COVID-19 Mental Health Information Hub

The uncertainty of the current situation and changes in restrictions can directly or indirectly affect our mental health. No matter where you are right now, you are not alone, and we are here to support you. Our COVID-19 information hub has been created to help you with managing mental health during the pandemic – from coping with anxiety and pandemic fatigue, to managing quarantine and your emotions if you test positive.

Managing Mental Health during the COVID-19 Outbreak

General tips on managing your mental health - whether or not you are directly affected by the pandemic - including general wellbeing tips, coping with being overwhelmed by anxiety, loneliness, and the role of social media on your mental health. Read more

Returning to 'normal'...?

Include tips to manage mental health, and cope with change and uncertainties Read more

Pandemic Fatigue

Practical steps on how to cope with feeling stressed and burnout due the pandemic, and how friends and family can support indiivduals experiencing pandemic fatigue. Read more

Managing Mental Health Once Tested Positive

Information and practical tips on managing your mental health if you test positive with COVID-19. Read more

Mandatory Isolation Tips

Tips on what to prepare for and how to manage your time under mandatory isolation. Read more

COVID-19 Self Help Guide

A self-help guide, which has self-help tips and steps to guide you in managing your mental health during COVID-19 and quarantine, as well as a list of mental health resources and services available locally. It is designed for you to read and complete at your own pace. Read more

Managing Mental Health Problems and Symptoms

Information on managing symptoms and common conditions during COVID, including tips for individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD and alcohol/substance abuse. Read more

Resources for Domestic Workers

COVID-19 mental health resources, including managing mental health and anxiety, and quarantine tips, available in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. Read more

Coolminds - Youth Mental Health Resources

Coolminds' youth mental health resource included tips for youth and people around them on how to manage different challenges during the pandemic, and how to support them through the 5th wave. Read more

Remote Working and Studying

Includes tips and ideas to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and take care of your mental health at work. Read more

Supporting Someone with COVID-19

Includes some tips on how to support people around you who have tested positive for COVID-19, and how to take care of yourself as a carer. Read more

Supporting Mental Health during Separation

Includes tips on taking care of your mental health and that of your child, and foster resilience under separation. Read more

Additional Resources and Services

Other local resources and services available to support your wellbeing during COVID-19, including hotline/online counselling services, free or low cost mental health support from local organisations, and other online resources. Read more

Other mental health resources


Not being a ble to connect with others during the pandemic can make us feel lonely, which can negatively affect our mental health, and may worsen symptoms if not managed. Learn more about loneliness and how to cope with it.

Read more


Information on what is depression, symptoms, how to cope, and how friends and family can support individuals experiencing depression.

Read more

Anxiety and panic attacks

Information on what is anxiety, symptoms, coping with anxiety and panic attacks, and how to support others.

Read more


Information on what causes trauma, how to cope, and how friends and family can support.

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Information on what is mindfulness, benefits, and how to practise mindfulness in daily life.

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We have created some graphics on managing mental health during COVID-19, available to download and re-share on social media

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