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Looking to learn more about mental health, specific mental health topics, local services available, or Mind HK? Ask our virtual assistant, Help Me, which has collated over 100 resources to make it easier for you to learn how to take care of your own and others’ mental health.

Help Me is in its pilot stage and is being trained to improve the accuracy of its responses. To help the Mind HK team further develop the service and ensure mental health resources are accessible to all, please share this resource with friends, family, and colleagues.


How to use Help Me

Click the topics of interest to learn more or find support, or type in a simple phrase or a related question on mental health topics that you may wish to learn more about (such as “depression”, “what is anxiety”, “where can I find help”). Alternatively, you can browse the A to Z Mental Health guide on our website for more details.

Help Me is in its pilot year and is continuously in training to provide the most relevant and practical sources of information and support to you. To help improve our service, range of topics and content, please fill in the feedback form in the Help Me platform, which will be reviewed by the Mind HK Team, or email your feedback directly to
[email protected].

About Help Me

“Help Me” is Mind HK’s bilingual virtual assistant, available 24/7, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make access to support and information on mental health easier.

Help Me started development in 2018 as a collaboration between Mind HK and the family of the late Captain Laurence W. F. Grant, formerly an officer in the British Army who lost his battle with mental health in northern Laos in October 2017.

At the time of his death, Laurence was seeking to develop a new mental health charity in Hong Kong, where he lived and worked, to increase access to affordable mental health care and to raise awareness of issues surrounding mental health. The charity was to have been called Help Me.

Thank you to the Grant Family and Goldman Sachs Gives for sponsoring the development and pilot version of Help Me.

Help Me’s pilot version officially launched in August 2020.

How Help Me works

Based on Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) and on-going content development, Help Me provides clinically-reviewed and curated information on a range of commonly-asked questions on mental health; from how to seek help and support, to causes, symptoms, and treatments of various conditions (all content has been adapted from the Mind HK website and curated or reviewed by clinical advisers). Help Me is also linked to Mind HK’s growing Community Directory, which lists 60+ mental health organisations offering services and resources in Hong Kong.

Why Help Me

1 in 7 people in Hong Kong will face a mental health problem in their lifetime, yet only 25% will seek help. A Low level of understanding about mental health and available services is a key factor behind the low rate of help-seeking behaviour — Mind HK’s research found that 60% of Hong Kongers do not know where to seek help outside of the Hospital Authority. Help Me was designed to remove this barrier and help ensure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

To better understand the problem and opportunities to help, Mind HK conducted an online survey with 500 adults aged 16-40 in Hong Kong on their mental wellbeing, help-seeking awareness, and perspectives on mental health technology.

Results showed that:
Around 50% of adults experienced negative emotions relatively frequently (at least several times a week), with around 1 in 5 experiencing extreme levels of either anxiety, depression and/or stress. Only 10% had previously sought professional help; and 15% had never sought help from anyone, not even a friend or family member.

Help-seeking awareness of online support was relatively low; around 20% of respondents were aware of existing online counselling/help-seeking platforms, such as “uTOUCH” (HKFYG) or “OpenUp” (collaboration between BGCA, Caritas, HKFYG and the HK Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention). A further 20% had not heard of any hotline nor online counselling/help-seeking platforms at all.

Terms of use

Please note: This platform (“Help Me”) contains general information relating to various mental health conditions, treatment, and sources to mental health support in Hong Kong. Such information and content is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice provided by a doctor or a qualified health care professional. Users should not use the information herein for diagnosing or treating a mental health problem. Users should always consult with a mental health specialist or other health care professional for mental health advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

We do not collect any personal data for you on the Help Me platform and all data collected will be anonymized. All anonymized data collected from Help Me will be analyzed for the sole purposes of app enhancement only.

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