Sharing ones own mental health recovery story can reinforce feelings of strength, resilience and courage. It is one of the most effect methods of fighting against mental health stigma. Register now.

Join us at the Jockey Club Studio Theatre inside the Fringe Club on Wednesday 16th August 2023 for a brief networking event , followed by a mental health story sharing and discussion. Come join us in listening to our ambassadors share their perspective on their mental health recovery journey from depression, eating disorder hospitalisation and high stress.

The event is free entry but registration is required to allow us to have an approximate guest count. Donations are welcome and encouraged – all proceeds will go back to support Mind HK’s anti-stigma work.


Date: Wednesday 16 Aug 2023

Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM HKT (6:30-7PM networking event, 7PM-8PM mental health story sharing). There will also be time after the event until 9pm for networking.

Mode: In person mental health sharing event

Location: Jockey Club Studio Theatre, Fringe Club

Guest: Tiff (Mind HK Ambassador) , Yen (Mind HK Ambassador)

Host: Carol Liang (Mind HK Deputy CEO)

Language: English

Price: The event is free entry, donations are welcome and encouraged – all proceeds will go back to support Mind HK’s anti-stigma work.


Guest Introduction:

Tiff (Mind HK Ambassador)

Marketing manager by day, vegan chef off office hours. Tiffany’s journey is inspired by her personal experience combating mental health challenges. It first arose shortly after her graduation, in coping with relocation, workplace environment and social life adjustment. Without knowing, this adjustment turned into 10 years of depression and anxiety. Today, she is fully recovered. She hopes, by sharing her personal story, that more people can see the silver lining in all situations – if there’s a will, there’s, always, a way.

Yen (Mind HK Ambassador)

Yen is a mental health advocate keen on highlighting society’s dangerous obsession with perfectionism. A former over-achiever herself, Yen skipped multiple grades and became the youngest head prefect and valedictorian at school, went on to graduate with a perfect GPA from Stanford University and investment banking offers in NYC, and eventually started her own fashion e-commerce business featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes Asia etc. However, this relentless drive for achievement came at a cost – behind the façade of success were crippling eating disorders and depression since adolescence. After years of running herself to the ground, she finally decided to hit the reset button and redirect focus to promoting psychological wellbeing in society; hoping to share her own experience as a cautionary tale to others, and one day become a non-profit counselor. As part of this journey, Yen is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology at HKU, while volunteering at crisis centers and participating in Mind HK’s Youth Wellbeing Practitioner pilot program this summer.


About More Than A Label

“More than a Label 我就是我” is Mind HK’s campaign in partnership with MINDSET, which stems from its goal of changing and influencing the public’s perception towards persons with diagnosable mental health conditions. Funded by Jardine Matheson Group, this campaign encourages the public to look beyond the typical, stigmatising, labels associated with mental health diagnoses. Through personal stories of mental health journeys, we want to showcase realistic portrayals of people who have faced mental health problems and recovered and depict their holistic identity.

With this campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the stigma towards persons with mental health conditions, celebrate the resilience and strength of people in recovery, and educate and equip the public with mental health knowledge. We believe this will facilitate more conversation in mental health, which will in turn help destigmatise mental health in Hong Kong.