Let's Talk

Join us for #LetsTalk #一齊傾

In honor of World Mental Health Day 2018, Mind HK’s newly launched Let’s Talk campaign demands citywide community action to transform public perceptions of mental health problems.

Why #LetsTalk #一齊傾 Matters: 

#LetsTalk confronts existing statistics proving that while at least one in seven people in Hong Kong will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime , only 26% proactively seek help.

The social media campaign will be bilingual, running in Traditional Chinese as #一齊傾 . The informal language is a deliberate tactic to break down existing preconceptions of mental health as a taboo subject, and to bring it into the heart of regular, everyday conversation. The use of ‘Let’s’ suggests action by both writer and intended recipient, encouraging the whole community to show its support online without placing onus on who should speak first.

Ways to get involved:

  • Share an image of themselves or in a group with the hashtag #LetsTalk #一齊傾  inside a speech bubble and tag back to #LetsTalk #一齊傾 #MindHK. This simple and positive way to increase conversation and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health problems could save a life.
  • Spread the word by distributing this LetsTalkLeaflet on talking about mental health.

“The first step to reducing stigma around mental health problems is by increasing conversation. In Hong Kong, we don’t talk openly enough about mental health problems and therefore the stigma is ever-present. The #LetsTalk campaign aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of how you can help. It’s time to start talking,” said Hannah Reidy, CEO of Mind HK.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a high-income country has 8.59 psychiatrists serving 100,000 people. Hong Kong only has 4.6 psychiatrists for 100,000 in the public sector. Change can only be made through open discussion and understanding at a city-wide level, so let’s talk.

Questions? Contact us by emailing [email protected].