(7th October 2021 – Hong Kong) – Today, Mind HK, a local charity committed to improving awareness and understanding of mental health, announced, in partnership with the Jardine Matheson Group’s charity – MINDSET Hong Kong (MINDSET), the launch of “More Than A Label”, a new anti-stigma campaign.

The campaign features real-life mental health stories and recovery journeys, with the aim of lowering the stigma against those suffering from mental health conditions and developing more accurate and positive attitudes towards mental health within Hong Kong society.

In August – September of 2021, Mind HK commissioned a survey of 1,010 randomly selected adults regarding the general public’s attitude towards mental health issues in Hong Kong. 47% of respondents said they would not be willing to live near someone who had been mentally ill, and 37% said they were even frightened to think of people with mental health problems living in residential neighbourhoods. These figures show that the levels of stigma around mental health are significantly high in Hong Kong. The research was conducted by Social Policy Research (SPR) Limited.

Key Survey Highlight findings:

Key findings:

  • 23% of respondents said they would not be willing to work with someone with a mental health problem
  • 47% of respondents stated that they would not want to live next door to someone who has been mentally ill
  • 46% believe that the main cause of mental illness is a lack of self-discipline and willpower (false)
  • 16% of respondents said that they are currently working with, or have worked with, someone with a mental health problem and 23.5% report having had a close friend with a mental health problem

Public knowledge about mental health:

  • 81.5% of respondents reported that they had not previously accessed any mental health-related information,
  • 85.6% of respondents reported that apart from hospitals, they didn’t know any other places where they could seek support for their mental health difficulties.

• Only 41% of respondents agreed that people with mental health problems are far less of a danger than people assume. In reality, people with mental illness are no more violent than people without mental illness.

General view of mental health:

  • 97.3% of the sample believed that mental health is an important part of our overall wellbeing
  • 62% agreed that there is something about people with mental illness that makes it easy to tell them apart from people without mental illness.
  • 73% believe that we need to adopt a far more tolerant attitude toward people with mental illness in our society. Also, 86% people agreed that mental illness is an illness like any other.
  • 77% of respondents said they workplace does not offer any programs for mental health support

About their own mental health:

  • 21% described their mental health as poor, while 52% described it as good
  • People don’t feel comfortable disclosing their struggles or seeking help: 59% of respondents with a diagnosed mental illness said they have never disclosed their struggles to anyone. The most significant reason as to why they didn’t was the fear of being discriminated against (43%).

The stigma and misunderstandings of mental health:

  • 22% said people with mental health problems should not be given any responsibility
  • 13.6% of respondents agreed that people with mental illness don’t deserve our sympathy
  • Only 61% of respondents stated that they believe people with severe mental health problems can fully recover.
  • 18% disagreed that they would be willing to continue a friendship with someone who developed a mental health problem in the future

Dr Elisabeth Wong, Mind HK Clinical Advisor and Specialist in Psychiatry said: “Stigma often comes from a lack of understanding or fear. The first step to reducing the stigma around mental health is increasing the accessibility of related information, allowing the audience to get closer to the topic.”

“Mind HK’s latest research shows that attitudes to and awareness of mental health problems in Hong Kong are still of significant concern. There is a high level of stigma, likely due to misconceptions about mental health conditions. 81.5% of respondents claimed that they had not previously accessed any mental health-related information. There is obviously more that can be done. We hope to change these common perceptions and stereotypes through our campaign by sharing stories of resilience and recovery from our ambassadors and Hong Kong’s mental health advocates.” said Wong.

Mr Ian Law, Executive Committee Member of MINDSET said: “At any given time, around 1 in 7 people in Hong Kong are experiencing a mental health condition. MINDSET believes reducing stigma of mental illness and raising awareness about the prevalence of mental health disorders and the effectiveness of seeking help are crucial to improve the situation. That’s why we joined hand with Mind HK to launch the “More Than a Label” Campaign and shared this meaningful initiative with Jardine’s employees as well as our partners.”

The “More Than A Label” campaign includes a public exhibition from 15th to 19th October at The Wild Lot, Sheung Wan titled “More Than a Label: This is our story”, launching in honour of World Mental Health Day. The exhibition will feature over 30

personal stories of mental health recovery journeys and highlight how anyone, and indeed everyone, diagnosed with a mental health condition is #MoreThanALabel and is alike to us all.

Along with the exhibition, we will also see the first edition of the “More Than a Label: This is our story” book published by Mind HK. This includes 41 local mental health stories including visuals and writing from Mind HK ambassadors talking about their own recovery stories. Examples of ambassadors’ recovery stories include Jo, who experienced her first panic attacked while rock climbing and experienced symptoms of PTSD. She experienced self-stigma and blamed herself for her problems; however, she turned to her friends, family, and professional help with a psychologist, which gave her hope and led her into recovery.

Hilary experienced panic disorder, anxiety, and depression. Her mental health conditions stopped her from looking for a job and seeing friends and family; her story talks about how she is in recovery now and how she has learnt to manage her mental health problems through medication and professional and personal support. Eddie’s story focuses on his personal experience of having panic attacks on public transportation and was diagnosed with anxiety and claustrophobia. During COVID-19, he turned to the gym and today, leads a healthy, happy, and energetic life. Their stories can be found in our full “More than a Label” website, video and the book.

“More Than a Label” website: https://www.morethanalabelhk.com/
“More Than a Label” Full Short Film: https://bit.ly/3iuas1O
“More Than a Label: This is our story” (PDF Version of Book): https://bit.ly/morethanalabel-this-is-our-story
High-Resolution Images Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nmghoh74pf1g3px/AABe_2hE0Pmwur6wXd7X6oo2a?dl=0

Mind HK – “More Than a Label: This is our story”

Exhibition Details Date: 15 October 2021 (Friday) – 19 October 2021 (Tuesday)

15/10 (Fri): 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
16/10 – 17/10 (Sat – Sun):  11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
18/10 – 19/10 (Mon – Tue): 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Venue: The Wild Lot @ Sheung Wan
Address – Shop B, G/F 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Ticketing: Free Entry

For more about the exhibition and “More Than A Label” campaign, please follow @morethanalabelhk on Instagram for updates or visit www.morethanalabelhk.com.

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About Mind Hong Kong

Mind HK is a registered S88 charity (91/16471) committed to improving awareness and understanding of mental health in Hong Kong. They collaborate with other local and international mental health charities and provide online support and training programmes, based on global best practice, to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and equip them with the resources they need to recover. Through collaborative research, Mind HK is leading the way in understanding mental health problems in the city and providing the population with the right support and resources.

Anyone in Hong Kong who needs help with their mental health can be assured that they are entitled to the full support of Mind HK irrespective of their gender, race, background or beliefs. To be effective and credible, Mind HK operates as a neutral and impartial humanitarian charity without any political affiliations or other conflicts of interest. The work we do, especially our research, is dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable groups and maintaining the best mental health possible for all of Hong Kong. We hope that anyone reporting or commenting on our work will respect and support our independence and neutrality.


MINDSET is a registered charity founded by the Jardine Matheson Group in 2002, and focused on making a positive and sustainable difference in mental health — a vitally important yet under-resourced area of global concern.

With operations in Hong Kong and Singapore, MINDSET collaborates with a number of mental health organisations and NGOs, advocacy groups and corporate partners, with the aim of raising awareness of mental health issues and changing the perceptions and attitudes around mental health. Our mission is to challenge stigma through the education and empowerment of individuals to enable them to share with, and support, one another. We also provide direct assistance to people with mental ill-health. Visit their Facebook page @MINDSETHongKong and website at mindset.org.hk to learn more about MINDSET.

About Jardine Matheson

Jardine Matheson is a diversified Asian-based group with unsurpassed experience in the region, having been founded in China in 1832. The Group operates principally in China and Southeast Asia through a large number of subsidiaries and affiliates. These companies are active in the fields of motor vehicles and related operations, property investment and development, food retailing, health and beauty, home furnishings, engineering and construction, transport services, restaurants, luxury hotels, financial services, heavy equipment, mining and agribusiness. For more information, please visit jardines.com.