Common causes of stress for new mums

Becoming a mum for many women may be a challenge in itself, but for ‘working mums to be’ or for ‘new mums who are returning to work for the first time (following maternity leave)’ – the level of stress and worry is likely to be amplified. The challenges of juggling work and family life, particularly as the core caregiver, means that for most working mums, they may seldom find time to de-stress.

Time Demands

The new commitments and responsibilities that come with caring for a new member of the family will undoubtedly take up time, as well as physical and emotional energy. For a lot of mums, this may mean there is little opportunity to escape from stress.

Role Transition

Transitions mean change and uncertainty. For most people, not knowing what to expect can be uncomfortable and will naturally generate additional stress and worry. For working mums to be, the prospect of taking a pause in their career could be a welcomed change, and some mothers may choose to leave the workforce permanently. However, for others, taking a break from their career could be unsettling, and eventually returning to work from maternity leave could bring with it a lot of mixed feelings and anxiety.

Being a Mum during a Pandemic

There have been many reports about the stressors and strains of parenting during the pandemic, and evidence that working mums, in particular, are suffering greater anxiety and depression than before Covid-19. Since women are the primary caregiver in many households, many mums are bearing the brunt of juggling their roles between caring for their family and working from home. Social restriction measures have also meant that a lot of mums are left feeling isolated and lacking support.

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Given the impact that stress can have towards both our physical and mental health, it’s in our best interest to take care of ourselves by effectively managing stress. In the first instance, acknowledging that you may be struggling and reminding yourself that you are not alone can help. Remember – stress is a normal, natural reaction, especially as a mum.

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