What practical support can I offer?

There are lots of practical things you can do to support someone who is ready to seek help. For example:

  • Look for information that might be helpful. When someone is seeking help they may feel worried about making the right choice, or feel that they have no control over their situation. You may wish to speak with others who have had similar experiences, or do research online
  • Write down lists of questions that the person you’re supporting wants to ask their doctor, or put points into an order that makes sense (for example, put the most important point first)
  • Help to organise paperwork, for example making sure that your friend or family member has somewhere safe to keep their notes, prescriptions and records of appointments
  • Go to appointments with them, if they want you to – even just being there in the waiting room can help someone feel reassured
  • Ask them if there are any specific practical tasks you could help with, and work on those. This could include giving them a lift somewhere; spending time with their children; or taking over a chore or household task
  • Learn more about the problem they experience, so you can think about other ways you could support them. The Mind HK website provides lots of information about different types of mental health problems, including pages on what friends and family can do to help in each type
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