How can friends and family help

This section is for friends and family who wish to support someone who is experiencing anxiety or panic attacks. It can be really difficult when someone you care about is experiencing anxiety, but there are things you can do to help.

Empathise with them

Try to think about how you feel when you are anxious about something yourself, and how you prefer people to help you – for example, by remaining calm and allowing some time for your anxiety to pass. Even though your friend or family member’s situation might be different, this might help you better understand how they feel when they’re going through a bad time. 

“Be kind, be non-judgemental… let us know it will pass, let us know you are there.”

Try not to pressure them

When someone you care about is experiencing a problem it is understandable to want to help them face their fear or focus on leading them towards practical solutions. But, it can be very distressing for someone to feel forced to face situations before they are ready – and it could even make them feel more anxious. By staying calm and listening to your friend or family member’s wishes, you can support them to do what they feel comfortable with.

“[What helps me is] calmness, acceptance – not trying to dispel it with ‘rational’ or ‘logical’ argument.”

Ask them how you can help

Your friend or family member may already know how you can support them – for example by going through a breathing exercise together, or by calmly offering a distraction. By asking them what they need or how you can help, you can support them to feel more in control themselves. You might also like to show them ‘How can I help myself manage anxiety?’, to help them think about things they could try, and how you might be able to support them. 

“Reminding me to breathe, asking me what I need…”

Learn about anxiety

You might feel more able to help your friend or family member manage their anxiety if you learn more about the condition yourself. See ‘Useful Contacts’ to find organizations in Hong Kong that provide information for carers, friends and family members.

Encourage them to seek help

If your friend or family member’s anxiety is becoming a problem for them, you could encourage them to seek help. This could be support through their family doctor or a support group (see ‘Useful contacts’). You could ask them if they would like you to:

  • Help book an appointment
  • Attend an appointment with them
  • Explore sources of support together

Look after yourself

Supporting someone else can be stressful, so it is important to remember that your health is important too, and make sure that you look after yourself.


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