How do I get DBT? 

The main ways to seek DBT are through the private sector

There is currently no official register of DBT therapists in HK. But some directories may let you filter your search by diagnosis or type of therapy. 

For tips on finding a therapist, see our information on finding a therapist. 

Unfortunately, many people find that accessing DBT can be quite difficult. DBT isn’t available everywhere. And many of us can’t afford to go private. 

“I see a future for myself now that I didn’t see before the therapy.”

Do I have to accept my diagnosis to get DBT? 

Because DBT was developed to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD), you might be more likely to be offered DBT if you accept this diagnosis. But personality disorder is a controversial diagnosis. If you don’t like the idea of using this term, you’re not alone. 

It might help to remember that however you understand your problems, DBT could help you manage them.

“I was referred to a Personality Disorder clinic but found out only group DBT is available in this area and the waiting list was approximately 6 months long… I’m left here with no hope of ever receiving individual DBT therapy.”

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