Mental Health Resilience among LGBTQ+: My Mental Health Story (ENG)

About this event

Join us on 15th June 2022 from 1pm to 1:30pm for a conversation with Jason, Mind HK Ambassador, on what it’s like experiencing depression from someone who also identifies as LGBTQ+. Odile, Mind HK Lead Clinical Advisor – Anti-stigma Project, who has also helped pilot Mind HK’s LGBTQ+ Mental Health Workshop will be moderating the event.

To read Jason’s story for More Than A Label, please see the story hyperlinked below as well as a brief description of our ambassadors:

Jason’s story: I’m committed to helping others who also face persistent health issues and ongoing pain; facing the challenges of daily life with illness requires tremendous strength and the loving support of family and friends.

Jason has contributed towards Mind HK’s More Than A Label Anti-stigma campaign. He has shared his story and recovery journey with us in our “More Than a Label: This is our story” book. Our book, which features a collection of mental health stories from diverse members of the Hong Kong community, is now on sale at Bookazine for $120 HKD, with all proceeds going back to supporting our campaign.

Join in and learn more about mental health conditions through a lived experience discussion-based panel!

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Date: 15th June 2021 1pm – 1:30pm HKT

Method: Zoom Live Event

Host: Odile Thiang (Mind HK Lead Clinical Advisor – Anti-stigma Project)

Guest: Jason (Mind HK Ambassador)

Language: English

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「More Than a Label 我就是我」是香港心聆與思健合作策劃的消除污名計劃,計劃源於我們希望改變大眾對精神疾病患者的觀感。由怡和集團贊助,此計劃透過邀請復元人士分享他們的精神健康復元故事,來展示他們最真實的一面、描繪最真實的自己,藉此鼓勵大眾擺脫對精神疾病的固有觀念、污名及標籤。