Mannings becomes the first community pharmacy in Hong Kong to launch a“Wellbeing Check-in”. In collaboration with Mind HK, a local mental health charity organisation, we now offer complimentary wellbeing consultations at selected Mannings Stores with the aim to provide community-based services and safeguard community wellbeing



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[7 May 2024 – Hong Kong] Mannings, the largest health and beauty retail chain in Hong Kong, with community pharmacy services across Hong Kong, is committed to safeguard people’s all-round health. As surveys show that the overall mental health of Hong Kong people is poor and inadequately served in multiple ways, including the sparse availability of community-based mental health consultation services, Mannings is collaborating with Mind HK, a local mental health charity organisation, to become the first community pharmacy to offer mental health services free of charge. From today, Mannings is pioneering a complimentary “Wellbeing Check-in” at five selected stores with Mind HK where their iACT Wellbeing Practitioners (Wellbeing Practitioners) will provide face-to-face consultations on mental health and wellbeing to serve the needs of the general public. Mannings aims to enhance public awareness and attention to mental health and to join hands with the community to strengthen overall wellbeing, including physical and mental health.



Mannings’ new addition of mental health consultation to in-store services supports community mental wellness

Hong Kong people increasingly recognise that full health encompasses physical, mental and social wellbeing. Mental wellness is more than absence of serious mental illness, but rather includes the maintenance of a peaceful and tranquil mind. However, according to the “Hong Kong Mental Health Index”  jointly conducted by several rehabilitation bodies and public organisations, mental wellness among Hong Kong people is declining, with a growing incidence of symptoms of depression and anxiety. At the same time, the cost of local private-sector mental health services runs beyond the reach of low-income groups. Meanwhile, almost 60% of Hong Kong people are unaware of routes to access mental health services beyond public hospitals. According to a survey conducted by Mind HK in March 2024, 59% of the respondents who had experienced or are experiencing mental health issues regarded “concerned about the cost” as the main reason for not seeking support, and 39% responded that they did not know how to access mental health support. The frequent stigma surrounding mental health issues in our society also hinders many people from seeking support. Adding to these factors, people in need are not seeking the professional help due to insufficient community-based mental health services. 

Mannings’ professional team of registered Pharmacists and Dietitians has long provided various community health services to enhance the wellbeing of the community. Ever the pioneer in this sector, Mannings’ new collaboration with Mind HK proactively addresses the pressing need for community-based mental health consultation. With this collaboration with Mind HK, the mental health consultation provided by the Wellbeing Practitioners from Mind HK in some of Mannings pharmacies, enabling Hongkongers to receive rapid, accessible           support for their mental health at Mannings stores. Mannings also hopes to raise awareness across all sectors of society of the importance of mental health, to reduce stigma and work with the public to overcome challenges, and to achieve mental wellness for all so that more people can live a healthier life. 



The “Wellbeing Check-in” is with a Wellbeing Practitioner for those who are experiencing mild-severe anxiety,  mild-moderate depression or emotional distress

A total of five Mannings community pharmacies, located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, namely Taikoo Place in Quarry Bay, President Theatre in Causeway Bay, IFC mall in Central, China Hong Kong City in Tsim Sha Tsui and Metropolis Plaza in Sheung Shui, are offering face-to-face wellbeing consultation services, ensuring that people in need can promptly and conveniently access to such services. The conversation and personal information during consultations will remain confidential. 

The free Wellbeing Check-in service will be conducted by the Wellbeing Practitioner from Mannings’ partner, Mind HK. All Wellbeing Practitioners have completed the 120-hour iACT® professional training organised by Mind HK. The practitioner will conduct preliminary face-to-face consultations with the service users at the Mannings pharmacy and then offer Probono-talking therapy or recommend other relevant services and resources. A subsequent course of six to eight weeks of online follow-up iACT treatment may be offered, based on eligibility; during this process (iACT talking therapy), service users can learn new techniques and tools to help recognise and manage their emotions. The Wellbeing Check-in and the iACT talking therapy service are not suitable for individuals diagnosed with severe or complex mental health conditions, but Wellbeing Practitioners will provide service users with information on suitable mental health services in the community, including support from social workers, clinical psychologists or psychiatrists if necessary.



Joining hands with Mind HK to offer community-based services

Assisting Hongkongers to nurture a positive outlook on life

With this collaboration, Mannings’ one-stop professional team not only provides mental health support for the general public, but also shares pharmaceutical and nutritional advice by Mannings registered Pharmacists and Dietitians. This comprehensively supports the mental health needs of the public, eases the impact of negative emotions and environments, and boosts confidence and the overall life experience.

Mannings Chief Pharmacist, Philip Chiu, said of the new mental health support service partnering with Mind HK, “To fully support customers’ pursuit of healthy living, Mannings has continuously introduced new, innovative one-stop health services to address community needs. Under this first-time collaboration, Mannings and Mind HK are pioneering the provision of accessible mental health services in community pharmacy. Through Mannings’ growing ‘Community Health Professional’ team, we are launching more community-based professional services and products of good quality to take care the all-round health needs of the general public.”

Mind HK Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Candice Powell, added that, “Mind HK is delighted to be working with Mannings, serving the local community and reaching out to meet the needs of the general public. We are also looking forward to boosting public understanding of mental health so that people can embrace mental health support and reduce the stigma around mental health problem.” 

Mannings’ “Wellbeing Check-in” launched in five selected Mannings stores with pharmacy service from today. For details, please inquire at the below Mannings stores or click here


About Mannings

Mannings is Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty products chain store with over 320 outlets and more than 60 in-store pharmacies operating in Hong Kong and Macau, providing a wide range of quality health care, personal care, skin care and baby products to customers. Our team of Community Health Professionals is available at many of our stores, offering expert advice and free consultations from registered Pharmacists, Dieticians, Beauty and Health Advisors. Mannings Plus has been recognised by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) as “Quality Service Retailer of the Year – Personal Care Products Category” for 12 consecutive years (2011 to 2022). Mannings Baby received the same accolade in 2023. Mannings has also been recognised as the “No.1 Most Preferred Brand” in Hong Kong in online surveys conducted by global market research company Ipsos for three consecutive years (2021 to 2023).


This press release was issued on behalf of Mannings by L Concept Communications. For inquiries, please contact:

Ginny Lau Contact: +852 3703 5896 / 6681 4182 Email: [email protected] 

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Attachment 1: List of Mannings Stores providing “Wellbeing Check-in”

District Address Tel Wellbeing Practitioner On-Duty Hours
Hong Kong Island Shop A, G/F, Cambridge House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay  2284 4810 Wed – Fri: 15:30 – 19:00
Sun & PH: Closed
Hong Kong Island Shop B, G/F., 517 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay 2574-6092 Tue, Thu: 15:30 – 19:00
Sat: 11:30 – 15:00
Sun & PH: Closed 
Hong Kong Island Shop No.2004 on Podium Level Two, IFC mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central 2523-9135 Wed – Fri: 15:30 – 19:00
Sun & PH: Closed
Kowloon Shop 11 & 11A, G/F, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 2752 7208 Wed, Fri: 15:30 – 19:00
Sat: 11:30 – 15:00
Sun & PH: Closed
New Territories Shop 106a, Metropolis Plaza, 8 Lung Wan Street, Sheung Shui 2325-3781 Tue, Thu: 15:30 – 19:00
Sat: 11:30 – 15:00
Sun & PH: Closed