Refresh your body, mind and soul with a walk in nature. 

Mind HK’s Annual “Move It for Mental Health” campaign

“Hop” for Better Mental Health into The Year of The Rabbit


( Hong Kong, 20 January 2023 ) – Our minds and bodies are intimately entwined in helping us achieve and lead a more fulfilling life. Many studies have shown that exercise in nature not only keeps us physically fit, but also has a positive impact on our mental health. However, over 80% of people in Hong Kong spend less than 2.5 hours on physical activity every week. This fails to meet even the World Health Organisation’s most basic recommended physical activity levels. The COVID pandemic exacerbated people’s sedentary behaviour in the city even more. About one-fifth of residents aged 15 or above report  sitting or reclining for 10 hours or longer every day. This has and will have a concerning effect on people’s health and mental well-being.

This coming March, the local mental health charity Mind HK will be organising its 6th annual large-scale “Move it for Mental Health 2023”challenge to raise awareness of the critical importance of a good mind-body balance through encouraging everyone to develop an active lifestyle by completing a total of 30 km in nature within the month of March. Being close to nature can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, boost our mood, and clear our minds. Mind HK is encouraging people of all ages to take a step in nature this year to feel the positive changes it brings to our bodies and mind. It’s time to keep it up if you made it last year, or here is the opportunity for you to up for a new year challenge!    

Anyone can join in via “Run2gather” from 6 February to 19 March 2023. Participants, or “Movers” as they are called, can achieve the goal simply by taking up their choice of outdoor physical activities, such as walking, running, or hiking along nature trails, coastal walks, or country parks and uploading their activity record to the app. Funded  by Here to Be, lululemon’s social impact program, all “movers” who successfully finish the challenge and submit their activity records via the app or website before 6 April 2023, will be given a certificate and a chance to win a lululemon prize.


Take a break from the hectic pace of daily life and invite your friends and family to join you in exploring the tranquillity of our outlying islands and the green havens within the city. Embrace the beauty of nature while reconnecting with your inner self. To make your steps more impactful, you can also become a #MoveitHK supporter and help raise funds for Mind HK through the campaign to support the charity’s efforts in improving access to mental health services for the community. One of the charity’s key initiatives, iACT (Improved Access to Community Therapies), was rolled out earlier last year to train new wellbeing practitioners to deliver free, early mental health support to individuals facing mild to moderate mental health problems. Your support in this challenge will be helping Mind HK to continue its work in expanding this programme. 


Dr Candice Powell, Mind HK’s CEO, said, “Regular physical activity has been well-proven to enhance our well-being and prevent and reduce mental health symptoms in all age groups. Recent studies show that immersing ourselves in nature benefits physical and psychological health. When it comes to our mental health, being in nature significantly enhances people’s positive emotional state, attitude and stress coping and alleviates anxiety and depression. We encourage everyone to walk, jog, or run in nature during March to kick start a healthy 2023.” 


Over 3,700 participants took part in the “Move it for Mental Health 2022” stepathon challenge. According to the post-challenge survey, 74.3% of participants said they felt more energized after the challenge and 85.5% of respondents felt the experience motivated them to exercise more regularly. They also felt a significant improvement in their mental health. According to the World Health Organisation- Five Well-Being Index (WHO-5), challenge completers showed a 20.6% increase in average mental wellbeing.  


Derek, a Mind HK Ambassador, said, “Movement and exercise has been an integral part of my life since before I can remember. It is my happy place and has always been a calming influence that centers me. At the same time, it’s also an outlet where I can both process and vent unspoken emotions. In a way, it is a very raw form of expression, much like many arts, where language does not have to be the preferred medium of communication, and as such taps into something deeper, resulting in a more profound and comprehensive expression of self.”


Mr Gareth Pope, Senior Vice President, lululemon, Asia Pacific, said, “We are proud to support Mind HK, our Here to Be partner, for the third year in promoting physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We are pleased to see that mental health has received greater attention in Hong Kong over the past year, but there is still more work to be done. Enabling the community to achieve holistic wellbeing is our priority here at lululemon.”


Details about Mind HK Move It for Mental Health Campaign 2023

Event Period: 1 March 2023 – 31 March 2023

Official Website:

Registration link:

Registration Period: 6 February 2023 (Monday) to 19 March 2023 (Sunday)
Fee: Free 

How to join?
Please visit for more details about the “Move it for Mental Health 2023” (#MoveItHK) challenge campaign. Interested participants can sign up through “Run2gather” via its website. Registration opens on 6 February 2023.


How to get your reward?

Participants who complete the goal of 30km in March 2023 and successfully submit their activity record via the “Run2Gather” app and website will be given a certificate and a chance to win a lululemon prize. Participants can complete the 30km by walking, running, hiking or a combination of any or all three out in nature, either in one go or by accumulating km over several efforts. Participants can also become #MoveItHK supporters by fundraising for Mind HK to deliver more accessible mental health support for the local community. For more information, please contact [email protected].


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At Mind HK, safety is always our top priority. Given the flu season and COVID outbreaks, we ask all “#MoveItHK” participants to take extra safety precautions during this time. Please refer to government guidelines:


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