A message from our CEO, Dr Hannah Reidy:

To all of our wonderful Mind HK supporters. I wanted to connect with you personally to let you know that I have taken the decision to move into an Advisory role for Mind HK after I return from maternity leave towards Autumn. This means that I will step down as the CEO of the organisation at the start of May.

This was a decision that I have been considering for some time and has not come easily. However, I think it is the right time for both myself and Mind HK to make this move. The current team will be more than able to steer the ship until arrangements are confirmed, and we are now actively looking for a replacement CEO to guide Mind HK through the next period.

The job description can be found here. I will be delighted to still be involved in this amazing charity going forwards – so please join me in seeing this as a change rather than a goodbye!

– Dr Hannah Reidy, CEO, Mind HK

Learn more and apply: https://www.mind.org.hk/workwithus/
Questions? Email [email protected]