Move it for Mental Health 2023 - FAQs

Is it free to join?

This campaign is free to join for everyone.

Is there any age limit of participation?

There is no age limit of participation! We welcome people of all ages to participate to take a step in nature this year to feel the positive changes it brings to our bodies and mind through this challenge. You just need to select your age range option in the registration form.

I am not based in Hong Kong, can I join the challenge?

Yes, as there is no location limitation for this challenge, runners from anywhere in the world are welcome! However, gifts and crossbody bags are only available to those located in Hong Kong.

Can I get my company involved?

Yes, you can get your company to join the challenge as a team, fundraise for Mind HK, or partner with us and spread the word on your platform to encourage others to join. For more information on joining the challenge as a team, please contact our Head of Partnerships and Development, Melissa, at [email protected]

How to participate as company / organisation / team?

For participants who would like to engage as company / organisation / team, here are some ways to get involved:

* Spread the word and encourage people around you to take part in our Move it for Mental Health Challenge.

* Fundraise via Simply Giving where all proceeds will go towards funding Mind HK’s iACT programme. For more fundraising ideas and Simply Giving page set up, please see our fundraising guide.

* Have an internal team competition (e.g. most amount of kilometres completed in nature within the month of March)

*Please note that we only offer individual options for the sign-up at the moment as each participant has to complete the challenge individually.

How to complete 30 km in nature?

You can achieve the goal by walking, running, or hiking along nature trails, coastal walks, or country parks and uploading your activity record via Run2gather. You can do this in one go, via several short hikes, or through 2-3 long hikes – it is up to you!! Remember to be safe when you are achieving your goals!

Is there any location limit for this challenge?

No, there is no location limit for the challenge, participants can complete the challenge of a total of 30 km in nature at their own pace (either completing the challenge in one go or accumulate 30 km in the month of March 2023).

Do I need to complete 30 km in one go?

No, you do not have to complete 30 km in one go. You can plan how to complete 30 km on different days in March as you like, for example you may plan hikes over the Weekends to achieve the goal.

How can I track my record via Run2gather app?

If you wish to track your record and data via Run2gather app, please select “Running (Outdoor)” to record the distance and time you needed to complete the route. You can also use other approved apps to track the record, and take a screenshot and upload your record.

How can I get a reward?

Participants who complete the goal of 30 km by walking, running, hiking or a combination of any or all three out in nature, either in one go or by accumulating km over several efforts in March 2023, and successfully submit their activity record via “Run2gather” will have a chance to receive a gift.

What kind of rewards will participants receive?

Participants who complete the challenge (30 km or above) within the event period will be given a certificate and may have a chance to win a gift (e.g. gift card, gift set and personalized shopping experience, etc.). The organisation which raises the largest amount or shares the challenge most creatively via social media will receive a trophy!

When will the rewards or crossbody bag be delivered?

Participants will have to pick up the crossbody bag from March to April 2013, and rewards from mid April to mid May 2023. Details will be shared closer to the time.

Where can I learn more about the benefits of exercise and nature to mental health?

You can learn more about the benefits of exercise and nature to mental health in our Mental Health A-Z.

How can I share my participation?

You are always welcome to post on social media or share pictures and progress with us at any point. Please remember to tag us and #moveithk when you share!
Facebook: @hongkongmind
Instagram/Twitter: @mindhongkong
LinkedIn: @Mind HK 香港心聆

How to apply the designated Move It photo frame to my photos?

1. Log in to your Run2gather account, select the record you want to share from “Start Workout” page
2. Select one of your recent records and press “Share”
3. Upload your photo either by taking a picture or selecting from your photo album.
4. Select the designated photo frame of “Move It for Mental Health 2023”. Optional: Press “Share” to share your #MoveIt moment with us on social media. (You are welcome to tag us using @mindhongkong & #MoveItHK)

How can I fundraise for Mind HK via this campaign?

You can purchase our MoveIt 2023 crossbody bag or make a donation here. Official receipts will be provided for donations over HKD100 for tax exemption. For SimplyGiving donations, the donors will automatically get a receipt from SimplyGiving. Proceeds and donations will go towards supporting Mind HK’s Project iACT, in providing free mental health support to vulnerable groups in Hong Kong. The fundraising period for this campaign will last until 15 April 2023. For enquiries related to fundraising, please contact our Head of Partnerships and Development, Melissa, at [email protected]

Can I receive a receipt after making a donation?

Official receipts will be provided for donations over HKD100 for tax exemption. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] if you would like a receipt for your donation (except for donations made directly via Simply Giving).