To mark World Mental Health Day today, we launch our new campaign asking #HowOkayAreYou. We’ve flipped the script on an age old question to encourage all of us to reflect on our true feelings, talk more honestly about how “okay” we are and inspire Hongkongers to have daily conversations with each other about their mental well-being. It’s time to break the stigma, and talking about mental health is part of the solution.

To help you talk more openly and honestly about your feelings and emotions, we’ve launched a dedicated digital guide on “How to Ask” and a new language for having important conversations – in the form of WhatsApp Stickers created by local Hong Kong illustrators.

Visit where you can make the pledge, download the #HowOkayAreYou WhatsApp stickers and start a conversation now!


我們希望挑戰大家固有的溝通方式,減少使用平日簡單尋常的問候「你好嗎」而改為問「#你有幾OK」,鼓勵大眾真誠地分享自己的感受,於日常對話中多談及精神健康狀態。 現在是消除精神健康的標籤的時候,方法之一就是正面討論精神健康。


現在請於www.howokayareyou.com作出承諾,下載#HowOkayAreYou WhatsApp 貼圖, 開始與身邊人以輕鬆方式來談論精神健康。