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Working Out Mental Health: Why mental health in sport and exercise matters

About this Event

Session details:

Name: Working Out Mental Health: Why mental health in sport and exercise matters
Date: 26th April 2021
Time: 3pm – 530pm
Language: English
Platform: Zoom
Speakers: Dr. Hannah Sugarman, Clinical Advisor, Mind HK, and Qualified Clinical Psychologist

Why did we develop this?

We recognise that mental health and physical health are closely tied together, and someone’s overall wellbeing is strongly impacted by their mental health. However, mental health is an unspoken part of the role of many fitness coaches, trainers and instructors. We know the fitness and sports sector work closely with people who are experiencing mental health problems, even if this is not immediately obvious. People working in fitness and exercise settings sit in a unique position, in that they are privy to a lot of information about an individual’s wellbeing and may suspect that someone needs help for their mental health. However, they may not feel that they have the knowledge or expertise to be able to direct people to appropriate support.

Who is this for?

The workshop is tailored for coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors. We want to empower people working in fitness and exercise settings to recognise when someone might be suffering from a mental health problem and offer appropriate support. This training seeks to provide vital information and skills to help people who are experiencing changes in their mental health to reach the help that they need.

What will be covered?

  • Brief introduction to mental health
  • Explore the links between physical and mental health
  • Review the most common mental health problems
  • Go through early warning signs and how to know if someone needs help
  • What types of help are available for mental health problems in Hong Kong
  • Practice having a conversation to support someone’s mental health
  • How exercise impacts mental health

Thank you to Here to Be, lululemon’s social impact program, for supporting this training.