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One of Mind HK’s core goals is to raise awareness through workshops, training sessions, and talks, in order to increase awareness.

About this event

One of Mind HK‘s core goals is to raise awareness through workshops, training sessions, and talks, in order to increase awareness and understanding of mental health in Hong Kong. We are pleased to present the Mental Health 101 training session on August 14th. 

Should you not be able to attend this time around, please note that there will be more Mental Health 101 trainings in the future. Updated event dates will be posted via our website and through our newsletter. To sign up for Mind HK updates please click here.

Training Session: Mental Health 101

Platform: Zoom

Date: Saturday, August 14th, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM – 1130 AM

Mental Health 101 will cover: 

  • The basics of mental health
  • Stigma around mental health
  • The spectrum of mental health, from anxieties, phobias and depression to more severe conditions
  • Self-help treatment options, including wellbeing tips, guided self-help, individual digital interventions and online support
  • Who does what: the difference between counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists
  • How to get help with mental health in Hong Kong and internationally
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Case examples

*Mental Health 101 sessions are conducted by clinical professionals in the mental health field. 

We suggest you take Mental Health 101 before taking our Mental Health First Aid certificate course to get the basic knowledge around mental health. Completion of MHFA training will lead to being internationally certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).

Mental Health First Aid will cover:

  •  Intervening and managing mental health emergencies as a first responder
  • Panic Attacks, Suicide, Self-harm, Addictions
  • What you can provide as a layperson
  • When to get help

We are scheduling our next Mental Health First Aid course soon. Registration will be available soon. Please note this course has very limited spots and we will be offering more opportunities in the future.

Mental Health 101: 

Language: English

Open to all. Limited Spots.

Refunds are available up to 7 days before Aug 14th. For queries about group ticketing, transferring tickets, or other concerns, please email [email protected].