Join Mind HK’s volunteer yoga instructors and Mindful Movement for several free meditation/yoga sessions in March and April at Lee Tung Avenue, Wan Chai.

March 30 (8:30-9:30): Earth Hour Yoga/Meditation in the Dark – Run by Mindful Movement 
March 31 (5-6pm): Yoga/Meditation  – Run by Mindful Movement 
March 31 (6-7pm): Yoga/Meditation – Run by Vivian Kan 
April 7 (6-7pm): Yoga/Meditation – Run by Vivian Cheng
Location: Lee Tung Avenue Central Piazza (under earth, opposite Passion)
Pre-registration is required. Register for these above yoga and meditation sessions at Lee Tung Avenue’s Customer Service Centre, Basement 1/F or register online here: 
Learn more about Lee Tung Avenue’s Earth Exhibition events here. 
Questions? Please email [email protected]