Every individual has different subjective experience, theme, emotions and lesson in their narratives. Stories bring us into the world and perspective of each individual, giving us insights into how mental health struggles and recovery may be like, in the most realistic and direct way.

Join us at the Jockey Club Studio Theatre inside the Fringe Club on Wednesday 24th May 2023 for a brief networking event , followed by  a mental health story sharing and discussion. Come join us in listening to our ambassadors share their perspective on their mental health recovery journey from depression, bipolar disorder, hospitalisation and high stress across different storytelling mediums. Register now

The event is free entry but registration is required to allow us to have an approximate guest count. Donations are welcome and encouraged – all proceeds will go back to support Mind HK’s anti-stigma work.

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2023 

Time: 6:30PM – 8:00PM HKT (6:30-7PM networking event, 7PM-8PM mental health story sharing)

Mode: In person mental health sharing event 

Location: Jockey Club Studio Theatre, Fringe Club

Guest: Phoebe (Mind HK Ambassador) , Juliana (Mind HK Ambassador), Bosco (Mind HK Ambassador)

Host: Vicki (Mind HK Assistant Manager – Anti Stigma project)

Language: Cantonese 

Price:  The event is free entry, donations are welcome and encouraged – all proceeds will go back to support Mind HK’s anti-stigma work.

Registration link: www.eventbrite.com/e/-our-mental-health-recovery-stories-across-medium-tickets-632466593607

Guest Introduction:

Phoebe (Mind HK Ambassador)

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.” From social and education innovation to corporate culture cultivation, unleashing talents’ potentials and nurturing change makers are the missions closest to Phoebe’s heart.

Bridging the education and employment systems to cultivate corporate culture for the next generation are the missions that Phoebe is passionate about in her current role at a digital transformation consultancy. Phoebe believes that health is the foundation of whole person development, while health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. She participates in the MindHK Ambassador Scheme to raise public awareness of mental health and to facilitate more discussion in the city.

Juliana (Mind HK Ambassador)

My name is Juliana, I was born in the 90s, and I am working as a peer support worker in an NGO and also as part-time staff in a private institution.

I was diagnosed with a mental illness in 2018, and I have been stable for a period of time and am able to maintain a job that I like. My recovery is progressing well.

I love drawing, and recently I’ve also been making videos to record and share my life.

Bosco (Mind HK Ambassador)

Hello, I am Bosco, I was diagnosed with depression in 2020, but I am grateful that I am supported with good doctors and friends, I fully recovered in half a year. I believe that mental health should not be a lonely journey, our friends and family are always our companion on the way.

About 我就是我 More Than A Label

“More than a Label 我就是我” is Mind HK’s campaign in partnership with MINDSET, which stems from its goal of changing and influencing the public’s perception towards persons with diagnosable mental health conditions. Funded by Jardine Matheson Group, this campaign encourages the public to look beyond the typical, stigmatising, labels associated with mental health diagnoses. Through personal stories of mental health journeys, we want to showcase realistic portrayals of people who have faced mental health problems and recovered and depict their holistic identity.

With this campaign, we hope to raise awareness of the stigma towards persons with mental health conditions, celebrate the resilience and strength of people in recovery, and educate and equip the public with mental health knowledge. We believe this will facilitate more conversation in mental health, which will in turn help destigmatise mental health in Hong Kong.