What other help is available?

If you are unable to resolve your low self-esteem by yourself, or if you are concerned about the impact your low self-esteem is having on your mental health, you might want to seek further support or treatment.

Self-help groups

Self-help groups can show you how other people have coped with similar feelings, provide support and advice, and make you feel less alone.

Talking treatments

If you are finding it hard to cope with low self-esteem, you might find a talking treatment helpful. A talking treatment can help you explore and understand the reasons behind your low self-esteem and develop possible solutions to deal with it.

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

CBT is often offered to individuals with low self-esteem. It aims to identify connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and helps you to develop practical skills to manage any negative patterns that are causing you difficulties.

“It was only with CBT that I realised I had this habit of negative thinking. It got me to gradually think of an alternative mantra – ‘I’m not perfect but I’m OK’.”

If your problems are based on early experiences, you might find that other talking treatments, such as psychotherapy or counselling, can help you address these experiences more thoroughly and thereby address your low self-esteem. You can find more about the different types of talking treatment, and what might be most suitable for you, in Mind HK’s booklet ‘Making sense of talking treatments’.

If you would like a talking treatment, your family doctor should be able to provide information about what is available in your area.

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