My mental wellbeing checklist

You might find it helpful to use the checklist below to identify the factors that are affecting your mental health. You can then think start to think about some of the solutions that might help, from those suggested in the booklet. Use the following checklist to help you plan:

  • I have someone I can talk to about my feelings
  • I have good friends that I can trust
  • I sleep well most of the time
  • I eat healthily most of the time
  • I do some physical activity regularly
  • I make time for the things I enjoy
  • I feel I achieve things
  • I know how to relax
  • I know what affects my moods
  • I am kind to myself about who I am
  • I look after myself during difficult times
  • I am as involved in my treatment as I want to be
  • I know how to manage my medication in a way that works for me
  • I feel confident that my friends, family and doctors know what works for me when I am unwell
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