Mind HK Ambassador

Nikki’s story

Nikki, Mind HK Ambassador

Corporate executive working in diversity, inclusion & belonging and charity board member 


Where/what has been important to you in your mental health journey? Why?

Family court. I came out of there feeling completely alone and rejected. The Court offered no support or resolution. I was alone. No family. No friends. I don’t know how I got from Wan Chai to the Star Ferry. I was in tears and broken. Sitting and watching the familiar green and white boat travel back and forth across the beautiful harbour. Reliable. Consistent. I wanted to find that again. I boarded the ferry and walked back to my office in ICC. I called my manager and said I needed to take time off to heal and deal with my breakdown. I found the support I needed.

How has mental health affected your day to day life?

Some days it was hard to go on, to find the motivation. I now have a self-care and resilience practice to manage my mental health and well-being every day. I tell people that everyone has mental health; no one is exempt here. We all have to manage this and sometimes we need more space or support.

How has the stigma around mental health affected your life? 

The stigma for me was more self imposed. I didn’t want to be broken, weak, or incapable. The pressure I put on myself to fight and right the wrongs done to me did as much damage than any other source. It’s ok not to be ok.

How would you describe yourself? What are your labels?

1. A good muma: I have my daughters back in everything.
2. Kind: I try to lead with kindness and it is a quality I try to value always in others.
3. Resilient: I will bounce back someway and somehow.
4. Social: I get energy being around other people.
5. Brave: I have survived. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

What gave you hope during your recovery?

Having counselling sessions with a psychologist, taking anti-anxiety medication and sleep medication from a psychiatrist, and practicing specific exercises to help with the trauma I experienced. I have a Self-Care and Resilience Wheel tool to keep my life in balance and I volunteer to help others.

Tell us about your life now

Every day is another day in recovery. I am grateful for what I have and where I am from. I am clear about my own purpose and values in life. I know that I have to practice self-care, and to use a travel analogy, put on my own oxygen mask before I’m able to help others. I demonstrate care to others by actively, sharing my experiences and breaking the stigma so we can be authentic around each other.

What would you tell someone who is going through something similar to what you have experienced? 

It’s okay not to be okay and reach out for help to make the changes that you need to get better.