Mind HK Ambassador

Jonathan’s story

Jonathan Mok, Mind HK Ambassador

Resolve Foundation Social Justice Fellow (2020)


Have you ever wondered what it is like to live with mental health issues?

Think about this.

You look around. Everywhere is black. You shout and scream. No one responds to you. When you speak to people, they nod their heads. Somehow, they tell you ‘be strong, be hardworking and try to be happier.’

You wonder, ‘is it my life? What have I DONE WRONG?’

There are always angels in the beast. You try to find the angels. Some can be tough, telling you,“stop drinking!“. You stop. You struggle. You stop. You struggle. Somehow you overcome drinking. You stop.

Other angels are coming. They listen with patience. You listen to them with patience.

Yes, you may feel like you are inside a tunnel. You don’t see the end of the tunnel now.  

Somehow, there is an exit.” 


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