My Afghan veteran boyfriend lost his battle with depression. I’m carrying on the charity he set up to help Hongkongers win theirs

Originally published on January 30th 2018 in the South China Morning Post. Written by Olivia Parker. 

In the bleakest moments of Laurence Grant’s depression, he said that all he could think of were the words, “Help me”. So this was the name he planned for the charity he began setting up in Hong Kong last year, to help the one in six people in the city who suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition and to campaign for cheaper, more accessible care.


Mind Hong Kong: Finally, an organisation that wants to talk about mental health openly

Published on 10th January 2018 in Honeycombers 

Mind Hong Kong is an organisation that wants to help drop the stigma around mental health. We’re going to be sharing different posts from their professional team of experts to amplify the discussion


The struggle for mental health in Hong Kong

Originally published on January 2nd 2018 in #Legend. Written by Stephen Short. 

Globally, it’s estimated that one in four people experience a mental health problem. Half of them say that the associated isolation and shame is worse than the condition itself. But what is mental health exactly, and at what point does it become a problem?

At Mind HK, we believe your voices and stories should be heard.

To learn more about our organisation, read blog posts on lived experiences, and to learn more about mental health, please visit our blog.


Featured Blog Post: Time to Talk: The Healing Power of Conversation

Originally published on February 1st, 2018 on Mind HK’s Medium. Written by Heenu Nihalani. 

Many of our Hong Kong readers will have heard harrowing stories of secondary school students who have attempted (and in some tragic cases, committed) suicide. These stories motivate people from all walks of life to try to figure out why the students resorted to this. With every new report, the conversation restarts.